Bank on Extramarks for your Bank PO & SSC Exams.

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Preparing for exams like Bank PO and SSC can be a daunting task. There’s too much to cover in very little time. And to top it all, students don’t know where to start. The journey begins with gathering all the mock test papers and previous years’ test papers and then painstakingly sorting all the questions as per subjects and topics. It is then followed by devouring every piece of news and information available from newspapers, news channels, and news apps. Sadly, the list doesn’t end here. The students then end-up resorting to Google, searching for ‘things to keep in mind while preparing for Bank PO exam’ or ‘how to prepare for SSC exam?’.

So, to bring an end to this never-ending list, we designed the Extramarks Bank PO and SSC Test Prep App. Here are the key highlights of the app.

  1. No Stress About Test

With Extramarks, you’ll be able to benefit from the National Level Test Series. These are live tests based on the latest exam patterns, wherein, you get to compete with your national level peers. Performance report and peer ranking is instantaneously generated after these tests to help you assess your level of preparedness and comparative rank. Apart from this, you will also get a chance to test your knowledge with tests specially curated by our in-house subject experts. These tests range from Subject-Wise Tests and Topic-Wise Tests to Mock Tests.

  1. No Anxiety About Current Affairs

A prerequisite for any government exam is to be abreast of everything that’s happening around you. The Extramarks Bank PO and SSC Test Prep App, therefore, keeps you updated with current affairs and subjects on a real-time basis. The Daily-Quiz saves you the trouble of going through piles of newspaper and surfing news channels. In short, consider current affairs covered.

  1. No Pressure About Performance

When you are well-prepared, concepts like “exam stress” and “performance pressure” cease to exist. The intelligence-backed system on our app gives you a detailed performance analysis of your tests, highlighting your areas of strengths and weaknesses. With this, you’ll get a chance to improve and simultaneously learn how to manage your time before the D-day comes knocking at your door

So, when every subject from Maths, English, and General Studies to Quantitative and Qualitative Aptitude is covered with Extramarks, why look anywhere else? All you need is an app to get exam-ready for the upcoming Bank PO and SSC exams. Here’s a special tip from us to you: Prepare well and stay calm. All the best!