Beat the Blues… Champion your Fears…

Beat the Blues... Champion your Fears...As students are on the verge of their mid-term examinations, the ‘examination fear’ has started floating. Even though the times have changed now, with external support in many forms available, the students go through the same traumatizing effect of exams as before. Examinations, no doubt, are important as they are a yardstick to assess a student’s knowledge earned through the session. However, due to immense pressure from parents and society, exams terrorize students, which lowers their confidence and in turn affects their performance.

It’s time for students to embrace rather than fear examinations. Students face a lot of pressure from parents who tend to compare the performance of their wards with others. The constant pressure to be a better performer in comparison to someone else leads to anxiety among students. We need to understand that the learning ability of every child is different and hence as a parent, the job is to understand the talent of your ward rather than pushing them unnecessarily.

Let us try to ensure that this time, students are not reeling under the pressure to compete with others, rather they should perform better than before. Parents should help their wards to fight their fears and not push them to the verge of apprehensions. Students need to understand that fretting in the last moment will not help and they have to be prepared in advance for the D-day. All the students who are preparing to take exams – roll up your sleeves and follow these simple rules to win over the ‘examination fear.’

  • Know your syllabus: Knowing your syllabus is winning half the battle. Not having a clue of where to start, what to study and what is and is not part of the syllabi will lead to anxiety.
  • Keep your notes handy: Notes are important. Make sure that when you start your preparations, you have your reference notes with you. If you have missed any, do not waste time and get them photocopied from your friends. Notes are key to understanding the fundamentals of a concept.
  • Keep track of time: Time management is a very important skill. Schedule your time and give proper attention to all the subjects equally. Plan your day wisely and keep a limited but regular time for leisure activities.
  • Keep practicing: In this digital era, access to sample papers is not difficult. Download past years’ sample papers and get cracking – solve as many as possible. This will help you in understanding the regular pattern of the exams and will enable you to revise topics thoroughly.
  • Keep away from social media: You can put socialising on different media platforms on the back burner for some time. Use it as a breather only between scheduled breaks as per your preparation plan and avoid spending a lot of time on it as it will be a huge distraction.
  • Keep time for revision: While most of the rules are for you to prepare for the exams and learn your subjects well; it is also important to keep some time aside for revision. Revision helps in evoking your memory, reiterating the concepts learnt and retaining them for a longer time.

Exams are really not that fearful. Learn thoroughly, prepare well and go sit for the exams stress-free.