Benefits of online test series for competitive exams

online test series for competitive exam

Searching for test series for NEET 2021? Or for JEE Main and Advanced? Wondering why you should keep practicing the online test series or mock tests? We have few reasons to help you understand the importance of test series for competitive exams. Read on.

Online test series: prepare yourself for D-day

Students often dread the D-day but there is nothing to be scared of especially if you have prepared well with the help of online test series. Practicing mock tests help you get an idea of what the exam environment would be like and it further prepares you to deal with the pressure of competing with lakhs of students across the subcontinent for the top-tier colleges. Simply preparing for board exams or prestigious exams like JEE and NEET can put a lot of pressure on you. But you can deal with the stress by setting up a learning routine and preparing in bits every day.

Learn a chapter, undertake mock tests, and practice as much as you can. Then move on to another chapter.

Features of online test series

NEET online test series and JEE Advanced Mock Test series and mock tests for the Main exam have few features in common. These few features are also projected by k12 (board exam) mock tests. When you practice mock test series, there is a lesser chance of a goof-up during the exam. You practice mock tests, learn time management and get an idea of the real-time environment.

Benefits of online test series

  1. Easy to access from home

You don’t need to go anywhere to access and undertake the mock tests or online test series. You can just sign up for an eLearning service online or take a subscription from JEE Prep App by Extramarks/NEET Prep App by Extramarks and practice mock test series as you like to keep practicing.

  1. Learn how to attempt actual exam

Attempting online test series has a major benefit. It gets you used to the real-time exam environment. So, you learn time management, how to accurately attempt questions and maintain your speed. You learn about your capacity before you sit down for the actual exam.

  1. Instant evaluation

Gone are the days when teachers took an entire week to score the answer sheets! Owing to the digitization of education, now students can get immediate results from their mock tests attempts.

  1. Personalized reports & analysis

JEE NEET Prep App by Extramarks offers immediate solutions along with extensive personalized reports and analytics that will help you understand how to approach your syllabus, what your gap and strength areas are, which chapters do you need to focus on to prepare well, where you stand on an all-India basis, etc

Online test series by Extramarks

Extramarks, a leading name in the sphere of EdTech, launched two apps a while back. One to help students prepare for JEE and another one to help students prepare for NEET. So, this covers the engineering and medicine spectrum. Both apps focus on preparing the student by analyzing their gap areas and strengthening their logical and analytical skills.

Access a multitude of mock tests, practice papers, previous years’ JEE and NEET question papers to prepare for the prestigious competitive exams. Extramarks – The Learning App too features a host of practice papers for board exams that you can access on the website as well as on the application.


When can you start solving a test series?

Once you have finished your JEE or NEET syllabus or if you are preparing for any other competitive exam then we suggest that you finish your syllabus first. Then look for a test series or mock test online.  Or you can finish one chapter every 3 days and practice mock tests on those specific topics

Which is the best test series for the JEE advanced?

For JEE Advanced as well as Main, you should consider using the JEE Prep App by Extramarks which helps in managing time, building speed and accuracy with their innumerable amount of practice papers that you can use to test your knowledge. There are live sessions, classes on the JEE syllabus, downloadable notes and not to mention, an amazing number of JEE online test series options along with previous years’ papers & mock tests that you can use to practice for the reputed exam.

What are the benefits of the test series for the NEET? Should I join a test series?

Test series or mock tests series, whether it is for NEET or any other competitive exam, is highly useful as it lets you access plenty of learning material and practice as much as you can. The best benefits of online test series are that you have the convenience of location and you can practice from anywhere with the help of your laptop or just your mobile. It will teach you time management, accuracy, and speed buildup.

What is the correct way to analyze test series? How can we take the maximum benefit from the test series?

Analyzing your performance when there is no analytical report available to assess your performance is an issue. But you can try JEE or NEET Prep App by Extramarks and take mock tests that will give you an in-depth analysis of your performance. You can check how many questions you got correct in how much time and what are your gap areas and what areas or chapters do you need to practice more.

The maximum benefit from the test series can be extracted by preparing the topics and giving mock exams around those topics. Post that, you can download your assessment report to check where you are ranking and what are the areas for improvement.