Can gamification improve learning?


We live in a very dynamic environment with new developments and technologies surfacing every day, specifically designed to act as a tether for the user’s attention and focus it on something productive. This is especially true for children, who already have an erratic attention span.

Seeking an effective solution, academicians and scholars decided to use technology, to talk to students, in a language they understood. They delved deep, researched and revamped the traditional, or the boring method of learning, amalgamated cutting-edge technology with holistic pedagogy to make learning fun, interactive and most importantly, effective.

This new-age take on knowledge is what they termed as Gamification. It is indeed, as exciting as it sounds. Introducing game elements to educational and other non-game environments keeps children curious and attentive. It is a multi-faceted approach with multiple benefits that is guaranteed to enhance a child’s learning capabilities.

#1. Increases retention and memory

This attribute is embedded in the concept of gamification by default as it incorporates repetition and practice. A child, for example, while practicing Mathematics, is more likely to memorise a formula if the game demands it. Imagine their level of distraught if they can’t go to the next level just because of a formula!

#2. Clears subject fundamentals

Gamification was conceptualised to improve concept clarity because studying with interactive visual aids and graphics enhanced learning. This gaming-format is also dependent on positive reinforcement, thus ensuring, that a child gets rewarded, every time they get a concept, such as E=MC2, correct.

#3. Instills a healthy viewpoint towards education

This fun-packed methodology inculcates a positive attitude towards learning, as dopamine is released in the learner’s mind to create a positive and rewarding association. Ensuring that, the child does not run away from a learning opportunity.

At Extramarks, we have taken things to a whole new level. We have devised an interactive way of learning with our innovation and imagination. We created ‘Challenge Your Friends’, a real-time quiz that’s stimulating and equally refreshing for students; thus, upgrading the learning experience and giving it an all-new interface. With new modules and personalised experiences, we have now created an exciting world that will encourage your child’s natural desire to be curious, to discover, and to eventually progress.