Can you save the wildlife?

Blog1- Wildlife

Right from class four, everyone has been telling us about the significance of preserving our flora and fauna. Our teachers have taught us about the extinct and endangered species. They informed us of several campaigns that have been launched to help save animals under threat. We have been warned of the grave consequences that will follow if we don’t save our wilderness.

All this knowledge, however, makes us wonder- ‘What can I, a commoner, do about it?’. Well, this World Wildlife Day, we are here to help you answer it.

First things first, the very fact that you are reading this implies that you care. And caring is the first step to embark on a mission to save wildlife. From now on, just ask yourself, is my choice harmful for the environment? Were acres of land felled for this? Were animals displaced from their habitats? Were chemicals dumped into water recklessly? And, is my demand for a certain commodity causing all this?

We suggest, be conscious of the choices you make. Ditch the products and brands that violate the set norms and destroy the ecosystem. Start opting for organic and sustainable products and actively initiate recycling and reusing items at home.

Another great choice that you can make is- adoption. Adopt a Grizzly Bear, or a Beluga Whale, a Loggerhead Turtle, or an Emerald Hummingbird, or maybe, even an African Elephant. The choice, is completely yours. There are many portals that allow you to donate money for the animals you wish to save at the comfort of your homes. You can also get together with your friends and adopt many animals by splitting funds. It is actually that easy!

The United Nations General Assembly has also dedicated 3rd of March as World Wildlife Day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild flora and fauna. It is working dedicatedly to improve the horrific state of our ecosystem to enhance human well-being and sustainable development. We can now, therefore, be a part of this fantastic change as well. And as Anthony Douglas Williams rightly said, “it’s not whether animals will survive, it’s whether man has the will to save them.”