Celebrating India’s Medical Breakthroughs on National Doctor’s Day

Blog 1 July

A tribute to commemorate the selfless devotion of doctors, each country has their own Doctor’s Day. In India, 1st of July is celebrated as National Doctor’s Day in the memory of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. He was a legendary physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal whose contributions have proved to be significant in the development of our nation.

This day also commemorates the accomplishments and advancements of the medical industry. It is a way to show our gratitude for their dedication towards improving the lives of people. This National Doctor’s Day, we thought of looking back at the significant milestones which have paved the path of medical progress in India.

From 5000 years ago…

An ancient form of medicine, Ayurveda, is a holistic healing system. It uses herbs and spices to align the mind, body, and spirit with the universe. It draws remedies from nature and differentiates the body types to provide unique solutions. According to many researches, Ayurvedic medicines have proven to cure many conditions like Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, Depression, Cancer, and Cholesterol to name a few.

… To the 21st century

Right from the laps of nature to everything in between, India is now pioneering in the field of medicine with the advancement of technology. Indian doctors are now performing robotic liver transplants and robotic cardiac surgeries to treat their patients. They are also among the first few to launch Cyberknife Radiosurgery to precisely target radiation on cancer cells. These examples are just to give you a glimpse into the vast ocean of discoveries that are happening around you. The idea is to be inspired by such brilliant minds and spirits.

And, a leap into the future…

The field of medicine is constantly evolving and that is a merry prospect to look forward to. The medical profession, however, demands a lot from its practitioners. Also, the task to get selected in a medical college of one’s choice is a huge and daunting one. Bearing this in mind, we, at Extramarks, have launched the NEET Test Prep app, to aid the aspiring doctors in their journey to cracking medical entrances. From National Level Weekly Tests, to previous years papers and full length mock tests, this app has everything an aspirant needs to be exam ready.

So, future doctors, start your journey of being the caretakers of tomorrow with Extramarks. We’ll be there at every step of the way as you cruise ahead towards fulfilling the dream of serving humanity.

Blog 1 July