Global pandemic adversely affected every aspect of our lives. As every coin has two faces, similarly this crisis also brought challenges and opportunities. COVID-19 led to the sudden shutdown of all the schools and colleges; there was no chance given to settle and plan anything.

Across the globe, students were divided by the digital world. Those who had access to the internet could access the classes and schools easily but underprivileged students couldn’t get access to it easily. However, they were left with no other choice. Implementation of online classes was a struggle for both students and teachers.

Initially, everyone used to be baffled – as to when to attend, connectivity issues, no private space to sit, not enough money to buy the phone. But with time, things were taking their place. Students felt terrible with only work and no friends. After all, as children, they might not like going to school for studies but yes, they loved to study in the company of their friends. So, social life was no more a choice, and students had to sit alone and work on their own.

However, the silver lining was, with time e-learning and digital education had made tremendous progress with new mode of online learning. And it is the best-case scenario in the pandemic. With time they started to enjoy the process. Everything was easily accessible. In the future, there might be schools and colleges that might provide digital access to every student and start online education ventures. This kind of learning can be a blend of both the world, more interactive and new methods of making education more are being innovated.

This online pedagogy is new for K-12 but yes it will make a difference in the education sector by pushing everyone out of their comfort zones while charting new horizons.