Create the Perfect Home-Study Corner!


If you usually study with your laptop lying on your stomach while you are lying down on your bed eating potato chips or cheese snacks, then you might want to consider a change of routine, habits and scenery.

Having a great study space plays a crucial role in helping us concentrate and absorb more information. Today, we will discuss some simple tips to help you create your best study space and accelerate your learning process:

  1. Visualize your study space before starting: Before you get started, visualize how you want your study space to look. Our advice is that you keep it bright so there is more positive energy flowing towards you. Imagine what items you would like to keep in your space and pick out the perfect spot for your study.
  2. Picture the best position for your chair and learning material: Once you have picked the right spot for your study space, visualize the right position for your chair and learning material. Make sure that you are facing the light so keep your chair and desk in front of the window or wherever sufficient light is available.
  3. Pick a noise-free corner: Since you are studying from home, it is only natural to say that there will be online classes. So, choose a noise-free corner where you can study by yourself without any distractions or unwanted sounds.
  4. Go natural: Choose a study space that has an abundance of natural light and fresh air so you don’t feel suffocated or bored indoors. It’s essential that you get natural air as it will keep you refreshed.
  5. Decorate your space: Your study space doesn’t just have to boring! Add some life to your study corner with motivational posters, plants, and other accessories. If you have a favorite charm, then keep it close to your learning desk. Decorate your study space whichever way you want to ensure that it radiates positivity.

Studying from home can get tedious over time as you don’t get to go to school and meet your friends but studies shouldn’t suffer! Try to keep a positive mind with natural-looking study space and stay motivated to learn and, we assure you, you will grow as a person and as a student.