Cross Over from 10th to 11th – with Bridge Course by Extramarks!


Transition from grade 10 to 11 is not easy, with several pressures reigning supreme on the minds of students. Right from acing Board Exams, to getting started on the career path for the future, as well as balancing competitive exam prep with school studies – there is much that students have to deal with. In addition, the jump in the level of studies and textbook concepts, with students choosing their respective streams is enormous. All this can understandably create pressures on the minds of students. But hey, Extramarks has got your back! 

We’ve created the Bridge Course by Extramarks – all that students in Grade 10 need to get ready for the future academic journey. Through this course, students can attend Revision Classes and attempt mock tests to get ready for Board Exams. They can gain exposure to fundamental concepts for competitive exam prep through Live Classes conducted by Extramarks experts. In short, this is the perfect starter pack needed on the journey from grade 10 to 11, curated especially for you! 

 Make your transition to higher classes smoother than before. With Extramarks, let’s get started on the Bridge between Grade 10th and 11th and conquer all the steps which lie in between. Here’s why this course is advatangeous!

  1. To Power Up for Boards

Our specially curated Revision Classes and subject-wise Mock Tests are waiting for you helps make Board prep smooth and simple. The revision classes are conducted by subject matter experts, who help revise all critical concepts for different subjects. The Mock Tests are based upon the full syllabus and assist in understanding a students’ subject-wise preparation and understanding in depth.

  1. To Get Ready for Grade 11

We help your giant leap to grade 11 become easy by introducing fundamental concepts in a simple manner. These fundamental concepts are taught by experts with long experience, with careful selection of topics to help in higher classes.

  1. To Get Guidance for JEE/NEET

We give you a headstart for JEE and NEET – arguable India’s toughest competitive exams. How? Through Live Classes which focus on Science and Mathematics concepts crucial for JEE and NEET prep. Not just this, our veteran teachers provide guidance for starting your preparation journey.

  1. To Cross Over to the Future with Confidence

Armed with Live Classes, Tests and a wealth of knowledge, Bridge Course by Extramarks help you get future ready! 

Psst…access to Bridge Course is completely free till 20th February! Do not miss out on all the great learning, and that too, at no cost!

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