Do you know the cool things that make August special? Let’s tell you some!

August Blog CoverThe month of August is about to come to a close and we thought it is a good time to learn a little more about this month. In the original Roman calendar, the month of August was called Sextilis. This was because it was the sixth month of the year. It was only later that January and February were added to the calendar and it became the eighth month of the year. The month was renamed August in honor of the first emperor of Rome, Augustus Caesar.

As August’19 bids us farewell, let us give you some trivia about the month. August must have been one month of happiness, cheer, joy and togetherness. Its character traits have always been as such.

Here are a few facts that distinguish August:

1. 1st August is celebrated as Lammas Day in some English speaking countries in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the festival of harvest when people go and offer their first cut corn in the Church, much like Baisakhi in India!

2. When we talk of English language, the word August is a synonym for “distinguished”.

3. Every first Sunday of August is celebrated as “Friendship Day” across the globe. Children usually go around tying bands on their friends’ wrist as a token of love.

4. August will always hold a special place in India’s hearts with our country celebrating Independence Day in the month. It was the day when our long-drawn battle for freedom yielded fruit. With the dawn of 15th August, 1947, independence illuminated the Indian land.

5. August 12th is celebrated as the International Youth Day. Youth holds the power and potential to shape the present and future of our nation and the world. The potential and energy of the young should be recognized and inspired, and hence a day dedicated to the youth of the world merits celebration.

6. August is a writer’s muse. With the nature changing colors around, the summers waving a goodbye and the rains telling us that all the toil is finally over, August is the poem nature would always write. No wonder the world chose to celebrate Poet’s Day on 21st of August!

7. August is remembered in world history for mass destruction as well. Remember the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings? It was from 6th August to 9th August that the terror of atom bombs were unleashed on the world, and these incidents are quoted to remind mankind for the need to work towards collective world peace.

8. World Humanitarian Day is celebrated on the 19th August in the honour of people, who laid their lives for causes that survive humanity.

9. Women’s Equality Day is celebrated on the 26th of August in the USA to celebrate the removal of gender bias in the voting system back in 1920.

10. Ever wondered August is the last of summer season? Realising that the much loved peaches will wither away soon, August 22nd is celebrated as “Peach Day” or “Eat a Peach Day”.

August augurs change. It is symbolised as a Serpent. It’s the time when all of the nature decides to leave behind the past, loosen the ends and fulfil what needs to be. With the seasons in their transition, August allows you to sit by your window and see how winter crawls in.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the month and we will be back in September with more learning nuggets for you!