Do’s And Don’ts while preparing for JEE 2022

JEE 2022 Study Plan for Mains & Advanced

JEE preparation takes real mettle. It requires discipline, dedication, and a lot of hard work, and everyone has a different approach for JEE prep. Some people follow an elaborate study plan while others try to get quick tips from the internet. 

There are certain dos and don’ts that one should follow while preparing for JEE. 

The first one being not to take it lightly! 

However, in preparation for JEE, there are a few common mistakes that students often tend to make. 

For starters, do not (we repeat- DO NOT) skip the basics. Many students tend to overlook the basic concepts. It is absolutely crucial to not neglect basic concepts such as arithmetic or physics while preparing for JEE. You might be tempted to think you can make up for this by spending time with difficult topics, but that will only lead you down a path of frustration with no success at the end! 

Most importantly, do take care of yourself. As much as you want to study all day, you also need to ensure your body is healthy enough to do so. Hence, make sure you are eating right and getting adequate sleep. 

With that being said, we have listed a few dos and don’ts that can help JEE aspirants for competitive exam prep.


  • Trust the process and keep calm. Getting overwhelmed or intimidated by the fact that you have to take JEE can lead to a lot of stress and ultimately result in procrastination.

  • Ensure that you take the preparation for JEE seriously. While it is true that all you need is self–discipline, dedication, hard work and focus; preparation requires these qualities as well as the right approach, which comes only with proper guidance from experienced teachers. So, approach the right expertise that can help you understand the topics, clear any doubts, and guide you towards the way to IIT.

  • Practice, practice and practice. Regular practice is the key to success in any competitive exam. With unlimited practice material from Extramarks, you can be sure to up your game before the actual exam. Practising JEE Mock tests are the most important tool of preparation for JEE. It enables the students to gain a stronghold over crucial concepts and analyze their exam preparation. Get a proper understanding of JEE Syllabus and Strengthen the Basics for the IIT-JEE Exam Syllabus.

  • Take care of your health, and don’t let the preparation for JEE become a burden on your body or mind. Preparing for long hours, skipping meals, sleeping less – all these factors can affect your performance and health during and before the examination. 

  • Start small but do not try to make up for the preparation by getting into difficult topics. Skipping on basics might not be a problem during the initial stages but will haunt you as you progress during the prep phase.

  • Take care of your mental health as well. At times, students tend to lose confidence due to poor scores secured in mock tests. Don’t panic and always try to practice more and more! Remember that you needn’t worry about the final result and give your best shot. You need to have the best JEE 2022 preparation timetable to get through the exam successfully. 

  • Stay away from distractions for the time being. Watching movies, hanging out with friends, or having long conversations are fun, but make sure to limit these activities until the examination is over. Your goal should be to remain focused as much as possible.

  • We suggest you use your revision time wisely. Use the notes provided by Extramarks experts, covering all crucial concepts. Amplify your revision by solving previous years’ papers. Once you finish revising the syllabus, create a custom test for yourself on the app and see how well are you able to retain and apply knowledge.

  • Most importantly, do take preparation for JEE seriously. Do not let anything distract your attention from this goal. For instance, it’s okay to relax once in a while, but don’t let it become an activity that you indulge in more than required!

Now that you have learnt what needs to be followed for JEE 2022 prep, there are certain things that you must avoid as well.


  • Don’t take preparation for JEE lightly. Prepare early and give yourself enough time to revise your concepts at regular intervals so that you are well prepared when it comes to JEE day. 

  • You don’t have to mug up your textbooks when you understand every concept. Thus, always try to aim at conceptual learning.

  • Never try to make up for preparation by spending more time on preparation than required. It will only exhaust you and won’t help in the long run!

  • Don’t compare your JEE preparation with others. It is only going to make you feel worse and result in a feeling of low self-esteem.

  • Procrastination can be the biggest hurdle in the way of your success. Act on your plans as soon as you make them and stick to your timetable for better results.

  • Never try to take shortcuts during preparation for JEE. Even if preparation for JEE seems difficult, you should not let this overpower your thought process.

  • Don’t take preparation for JEE as the only goal of your life! It is okay to put in all efforts towards preparation but make sure it doesn’t become an obsession that consumes your thoughts and takes over every aspect of your life!

  • Do not skip coaching classes. The preparation for JEE requires guidance and the right direction from the experts!


Undoubtedly, the competition is tough, but these tips should help take some edge off. You need a lot of dedication and focus to prepare well for the examination! Make sure that your preparation for JEE does not become an obsession or result in depression due to a lack of study hours or preparation. Prepare early, stay focused, and most importantly – enjoy every bit of the journey. Do not give up on the process of preparation. If you feel like giving up, take a small break but do not let this become an excuse to stop studying entirely.

To help students crack the exam, Extramarks ensures that the pedagogy suits every student’s learning style. We wish to offer students a complete but stress-free preparation zone from which they can profit, particularly during these pivotal days just before the examination.