Do’s and Don’ts while preparing for NEET

Do’s and Don’ts while preparing for NEET

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a pre-medical entrance test for candidates who wish to pursue undergraduate medical (MBBS) and dental (BDS) courses in Government and private institutions in India. If you are looking to get into NEET 2022, then there are certain dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind while preparing. 

With NEET 2022 just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for the exam. This article of dos and don’ts will help you crack NEET 2022! You can find out how to prepare yourself, what to do and what not to do during this period. We also provide NEET preparation tips that will help you approach the exam with a fresh mind and confidence!


Make a Study Plan for Yourself

Always remember- without a proper study plan, it will be difficult for you to prepare for NEET. A robust study plan can help you better your study strategy and help you understand where to allocate time for what subject. Create a study schedule that lets you manage the course content on an everyday basis. You can also create different charts like classroom v/s home test preparation schedule etc., to help plan out your NEET prep accordingly! Moreover, make sure you can maintain the balance between your NEET preparation and me-time!

Breakdown the Syllabus

Next, you need to break down the NEET syllabus into chunks. Once you have broken it down, create a different study plan for each subject and give yourself deadlines to complete the syllabus.

You can also take up mock tests during this period. Pre-mocks one month before your actual test and then post mocks within two weeks of the exam date – that will help you get used to the pattern and format of the exam! It is advisable to look at previous years’ question papers as it will help you better understand the exam pattern. After giving yourself targets based on how much content needs covering in every section, allocate specific days to individual subjects so that your mind doesn’t get confused. Extramarks offers you unlimited exams to access your preparation and provide you with a detailed analysis of your performance. It gives you an upper hand in your preparation for NEET. Here are some of the important topics for NEET Preparation you must know.

Maintain Discipline

It is crucial to maintain discipline when it comes to NEET preparation. You must be thorough with the NEET syllabus, and only then will you be able to score well in NEET!

NEET prep can get overwhelming, but if you keep up with what needs covering and make time for regular revision – nothing should hold back this dream from coming true! Maintaining discipline helps a lot as it keeps you on a schedule and takes out the guesswork.


Don’t Ignore the Advice

Everyone has different requirements. So, it entirely depends on how you want to prepare for NEET. You can take suggestions from toppers. However, do not try to follow their routine blindly. Some people might need to study for 12 hours a day. But it might be too much or too little for you. Each student has different strengths and weaknesses, so blindly following someone else’s advice might not work out for you. Study for as many hours as you want to!

Don’t Compromise your Health

Another big no-no is to sacrifice sleep for studies. It means allocating less time for your daily regimen of exercise, adequate rest, and healthy food choices, which will affect your performance on test day! Hence, rest and sleep are important to keep your brain and body healthily functioning. Study smart by studying hard – but don’t forget about how important your health is while preparing for NEET 2022! Divide your time evenly so that you can do other stuff as well besides studying.

Don’t Skip Difficult Topics

Students often make the mistake of skipping topics they find difficult. Instead, you are supposed to put some extra effort into studying those topics. But it is not wise to begin with complex topics when the exam is knocking at the door. You should focus on them during the beginning of your preparations and allow some extra hours in your timetable to the complex topics. 


Don’t study intensively right before your mock tests, as this can cause burnout. Also, keep track of how much sleep you get daily – try getting more than eight hours every night for best results! Make sure you take care of yourself during NEET preparations by eating properly, going outdoors at least once a week, exercising regularly, and never skipping down some me-time.