E-learning – A New Way to Teach Students Online

E-learning – A New Way to Teach Students OnlineA lot has been debated about online education, e-learning websites and their scope in the Indian context. India, the second most populous country with a population of 1.3 billion has almost 18% of the world population. While 50% of population in India is below the age of 25 years, Indian economy is primarily service driven, and reliant on IT and Telecommunications. The country has become largest exporter of manpower, especially technical and IT related manpower.
Despite the above facts, the urban-rural divide prevalent in India is still huge and 68% population still dwells in its villages. While the nation boasts of ultramodern facilities and plans to develop smart cities, the remaining part of the nation is still deprived of many basic amenities. Thus, it can be inferred that India’s development is not inclusive as yet.
The reason that online education in India holds a great potential is that the penetration of mobile internet and WiFi has enabled connectivity in the farthest nooks and corners of the nation. The nation sees a huge potential in Digital education and smart governance. While online education is supported by internet, offline education can be facilitated by hardware devices and can boost a nation’s progress by enabling best audio-visual content to the most deprived sections of the society.