E-Learning – A Teacher’s Companion


E-learning, despite being the boon of our times, has been looked at with distrust from many corners of the learning community. Most significantly, there have been fears around the human replacement potential of e-learning, as is the case with any hyper-technologification of any field. The teaching fraternity has had considerably mixed responses to edtech. Many conjecture it might make them irrelevant, and others are finding it hard to navigate their way through the technology domain to enable positive learning environs for their students.

However, there is a category of educators who have embraced edtech with open arms, and as a consequence, have been able to create stimulating, vibrant and dynamic learning ambience in their classes. E-Learning portals or virtual learning platforms are just tools to enhance the teaching process; they cannot replace the guidance, motivation and invaluable human care which are intrinsic to the teaching-learning process.

For educators, E-learning is friend worth shaking hands with. Here are a few reasons why!

  1. Flexibility and Accessibility– Online learning portals can help the teachers and students interact anywhere and anytime. The teachers can deliver the lectures online without the restriction of time and space. The teachers can also easily clarify doubts of the students sitting at home. The system is not restricted to the four walls of the classroom but has expanded its clout globally. Learning is no longer restricted to stipulated timelines.
  2. Monitor student’s performance– Teachers can monitor the progress of each and every student with clear precision with the help of tracking mechanisms and sophisticated algorithms. This helps in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the individual child. Based on this report, they can also prepare a customised lesson plan for a particular student. With the help of the Learning Management System, the teachers can maintain student records efficiently in an online database.
  3. Practical Teaching Methods– Learning through e-learning platforms is more practical and effective. The teachers can teach in a much more interactive way. Besides simple textual content, students can be exposed to a deep ocean of pragmatic knowledge. Teachers can improve the quality of their lectures by adding different quizzes and tests based online tools. The visual learning journeys, the kind that Extramarks provides, is among the easiest means to make students understand complex topics.
  4. Better Communication with Parents– E-learning offers greater transparency and teachers can share real-time feedback with parents so that they can keep track of their child’s academic performance. Communication becomes more effortless between parents and teachers because of smart study apps and the student gets all the attention they deserve so that they can learn with more clarity and well-directed diligence.

Even with the advancement in education technology, our teachers remain indispensable and irreplaceable. Despite its many virtues, the hard reality of virtual learning platforms is that they can never replace the grace, warmth and empathy that we need and expect from our teachers and mentors in life. Extramarks salutes and acknowledges all the teachers for the selfless love and understanding they carry for their students, and is here to support their efforts and help take the teaching-learning process to the next level!