E-Learning- The Best way to Recall Information

blog 14E-learning has become the hottest trend among school students and even learning professionals. No specific location, no more buying or carrying of heavy books and easy process of learning subjects. However, sometimes it is quite difficult to recall information easily. This is because of the lack of images/illustrations used while learning a subject. Our mind tends to grasp visuals faster than words, and so we tend to remember certain things more. With new ways of learning offered, it has become a lot easier to recall information.

It is important to stimulate prior knowledge towards the beginning of e-learning. It helps:
• Learners to retain newly grasped information by building on existing knowledge.
• Provide a brief review of recently learnt information.

Here‘s a quick synopsis of how to recall information in online lessons:

Use of Diagrams: The human mind tends to remember graphical information more. Graphics like charts and diagrams are ideal for providing a holistic view of any given topic. This also helps learners connecting with dots and identifying underlying patterns. In e-learning, the diagrams are the best form to connect the learner with the information provided.

Dishing out More Details: The more details in your content, the more learners understand the concept. Be it for school students or college going students, presenting details in a powerful way through vivid pictures is the best way to ensure easy recall Exaggerated Outcomes: E-learning content with exaggerated images and emotional characteristics are some of the effective ways to recall information. You can jolt learners into action through pictures to make them learn in a better way.

Spaced Repetition: As per research, repetition aids in learning and recall. There are different ways by which you can repeat critical piece of information throughout the course. For example- If you have listed it once in the bullet, try including it within the dialog box.

E-learning is the best way to study freely and understand concepts clearly. The course can be designed as per the need and the adaptability of the student.