Blog 7

A tiny tot is forever brimming with energy and a ton load of unanswered questions. They are not just growing physically but also evolving mentally. Their interactions with the world around them create lasting impressions in their minds, acting as a catalyst for their future growth. According to researchers, the first five years of a child’s life are the most crucial years as all the brain development occurs in these years. A child starts developing cognitive, social, and emotional skill sets, and most of all begins formulating a sense of self. Hence, making early education or the Kindergarten learning an essential stepping stone in everyone’s life. Come, let’s look at how initiating learning at an early stage can improve a child’s well-being in all spheres of life.

A Learner
Being mindful of a child’s natural proclivity for learning in the early years, kindergarten education helps provide children with a head-start in school. Children quickly cross the language stages from babbling to articulating meaningful words and sentences. They acquire a sense of numbers, colours, and shapes to communicate their thoughts better. Parents and teachers, therefore, must plan activities in a way that ensures a child’s visual, auditory, and sensory faculty develop better. Children also start associating words with objects and begin questioning their surroundings – making this a great opportunity to engage and give them a fecund atmosphere that’ll stir their curiosity and further their mental growth.

An All-rounder
Learning in Kindergarten is ideally done through fun and engaging activities. Children learn their lessons in a song-and-dance format that makes them sensitive to music. At this stage, they also get a chance to express themselves through art and drawing that fosters creative skill sets in them. The idea of learning at this age is to facilitate an integrated climate of learning, where several skills and knowledge domains are addressed simultaneously, along with helping inculcate values of compassion, respect, empathy, etc. in children.

A Thinker
For a wholesome learning experience, children are also taught with the help of catchy rhymes and thoughtful stories. Easy-to-remember and often with a moral at the end, kindergarten style learning teaches children the values of good and bad. A child, is thus, exposed to a very enriching environment that enables them to think before they act. They become conscious of their choices and sensitive to their surroundings.

Being cognizant of the importance of early education, we at Extramarks, have a learning app especially for toddlers. It is an interactive learning app for children from the age group of 0 to 4 years. It is packed with baby songs, kid’s rhymes, English and Hindi stories, fun-facts, and classroom like video lessons. The app is based on the concept of ‘Learn-Tap-Play’ which ensures that a child learns while they are engrossed in fun games and puzzles. The Learning App for Kids will, therefore, become your child’s guide, friend, and mentor at every step of the way.