What makes you, you?

Is it your genes, your experiences, or your social status?

Maybe it’s a combination of all of these, or maybe, it’s none of the above. But something that surely shapes you, is education.

Education, is a treasure being made increasingly accessible. Everybody understands its value, but still, millions fail to get access to it. Every nation boasts of literacy rates growing at an unprecedented rate, but we often forget the difference between literacy and education. Literacy is the ability to read and write, but education is the ability to decipher the meaning behind the facts and information presented.

In a mission to spread awareness regarding the need of a good quality education, UNESCO facilitated the annual observance of the day in close collaboration with main education actors. 24th January was thus, declared as the International Day of Education to celebrate the role of education in peace and development.

You might ponder, ‘How education can pave a way towards peace and development?’. Well, for starters, education inculcates a vision in the minds of all to judge things without any bias and build an environment of inclusivity. A well-educated person will never discriminate on any grounds, thereby, paving the way to a world filled with respect and peace.

And as far as development goes, education not only benefits the individual, but also, society. To succinctly put it to words, Nelson Mandela very rightly said, “Education is the most powerful tool to change the world.”

Though seemingly lofty, it is this very ideology that runs the world, because it is the educated, who have the empathy to understand and accommodate the needs of all. It is they who strive and bring about progress and development. Be it an environmentalist, academician, or a scientist, it is only their mindset that makes this world a better place to live.

On this International Day of Education, we at Extramarks reaffirm out vision to reach out the remotest learners through the power of technology with good quality, curriculum mapped learning solutions. We are devoted to bringing about a revolution in education delivery and are working relentlessly to making learning interactive, fun, engaging and something the students look forward to each day, rather than been bored of. A wholesome pedagogy and use cutting-edge technology help us elevating the status of learning much higher. And it is this advanced take ‘EdTech’, that ensures that education remains accessible to all and furthermore helps the society in realizing its excellence.