Effective Study Plan for CBSE Class 12

Effective Study Plan for CBSE Class 12Our education setup in India lays high emphasis on class 12th Board exams. In schools, CBSE syllabus is considered highly critical as it lays the base for good grades that determine careers that student has to choose in future. As Indian school education system does not have continuous monitoring and evaluation, CBSE sample papers are considered very important as students’ higher education options may get affected due to marginal error resulting from a loss of few marks. While high score in class 12th exams is of prime importance for students, clarity in concepts is a must-have for building competence to excel in higher studies.

It is necessary for good students to score high in all subjects for which preparing beyond the NCERT solutions for class 12th is very vital. Students need to prove their competence in few subjects that enables them excel in their higher study. For example, Engineering requires higher competence in Math and Physics whereas Medicine would require better scores in Biology. From CBSE syllabus and board papers point of view, NCERT solutions for class 12 are very important as these can make students revisit the whole chapter. These offer a quick glimpse of all concepts, types of questions, and thus these are important for last time revision.

For Class 12 CBSE syllabus, revising all the subjects is important as its scores contribute equally to their grades. However, for securing admissions into professional courses, it is critical to score in certain key subjects. For the purpose, it is important for student to attempt CBSE sample papers for all the subjects and revise all chapters equally. Thus, to ensure good scores, students should prepare equally for all the subjects.