Excel in NTSE like a Champ!

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As an exceptional student, you must have always thought about scholarships available to the students of your grade. Well, good news is that NTSE makes these scholarships available to the students of 10th grade based on a competitive test. National Talent Search Examination, or NTSE, is one such test, undertaken by thousands of students across the country who vie with each other for prestigious scholarships. There is indeed nothing more amazing than becoming nation’s pride with your knowledge and talent!

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a two-stage scholarship examination, conducted across the country, to recognize talented students and to award them scholarships to pursue their aspirations.

The exam is conducted in two phases: Stage I is conducted by States/UTs and Stage 2 is conducted by NCERT.

NTSE question paper is divided into two sections:

Mental Ability Test – It is designed to analyze a candidate’s capacity to think, differentiate, assess and judge. The paper comprises 100 questions of 1 mark each to be solved in 120 minutes.

Scholastic Ability Test – It is designed to test a candidate’s academics knowledge. This segment contains questions on Science, Math and Social Science. The paper comprises 100 questions of 1 mark each to be tackled in 2 hours.

Since the competition is hard, students who aspire to become NTSE scholars need to plan ahead and prepare rigorously.

Planning is Crucial

Planning is a significant part of accomplishing an objective. Make a schedule with ample time to focus on all different subjects for preparation. Your time table needs to balance study with recreation, and you must create objectives which are trackable. Aside from learning time, include a lot of practice time in your time-table too!

NCERT is your Bible

If you don’t know from where to begin your preparation, go through your NCERT text books. The exam is based on NCERT syllabus. You must make notes of all crucial topics from NCERT for quick revision later.

Practice, Practice and Practice

Certain subjects require loads of practice! These include Science and Mathematics, so focus on practicing your heart out with these subjects. Don’t be fooled into believing that you are perfect at anything. If you are good at something, then practice to maintain it.

Test Yourself

Competitive exams are all about testing your abilities, knowledge, and time management. Attempt sample papers within the given timeline to analyze your level of preparedness and areas of weakness and strength.

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