Expert tips to score high in ICSE Board’s Examinations


ICSE Board Exam is accompanied by loads of stress and anxiety in students who are constantly worried about performing well in exams. All you need to do is to follow a systematic approach to get well versed with your subjects. There is no rocket science here. It is all about enjoying your preparations!

To top up your learning requirement, you can refer to a variety of ICSE sample papers available across web and also otherwise. The best way to master your ICSE board exam fear is to practice as many previous year’s solved board papers as possible. This will not only help you know the pattern of the ICSE board paper but also let you know the marking pattern of every question. But how do you know which is the most relevant of them all?

Easy tips on how to win over ICSE Board Examinations

  • Plan your syllabus well: Follow the systematic way of learning by covering lessons properly according to ICSE syllabus
  • Start Studying early:You can prepare even more by thinking of questions that might come in an exam
  • Refer and Solve past year’s question papers- Solve at least 10 previous year’s question papers to get an idea of the ICSE Board question paper’s pattern and popular questions.
  • Stress on important points- Memorization of important points and formulae are important so by heart them by reading it repeatedly
  • Study in a group, once in a while- It is always better to study in groups. This will not only promote collaborative learning but also provide an excellent opportunity to fill in gaps in your notes. By comparing notes with other students, you can evaluate your accuracy, fix any errors, and get ideas for better note taking. Make your study groups here 
  • Consult your mentors for doubts- Never hesitate to ask your mentors for help. They can guide like no one. You can connect with your mentor here