Extramarks Education Collaborates with Intel® Education

extramarks & intelExtramarks, the market leader in Indian K-12 ed-tech segment has collaborated with Intel to provide Intel architecture based innovative digital learning solutions. Extramarks has adopted IA for most of its products to take advantage of Intel’s expertise in technology and computing. There is a paradigm shift in the adoption and use of technology by today’s students who wish to study at their own pace and space by using global best practices. This partnership will ensure seamless user experience.

Through this strategic collaboration, Extramarks aims to identify and work on opportunities in the Indian education space and transform the learning experience of students across all education institutions. Extramarks banks on the capability of technology and traditional pedagogy to carve out customized learning solutions and tailors its offerings to the needs of the curriculum and learning requirements. Expert academicians and technologists are collaboratively engaged for the pursuit of creating innovative learning solutions to suit the needs of diverse learners. Extramarks’ phenomenal success is built on the company’s ‘Bag-less ‘Concept’—this concept has received positive response due to the need for lighter and more engaging products. The company’s strategy is applicable globally for learning needs and the technology-induced socio-cultural evolution remains the same throughout the globe.

Since its launch in 2009, Extramarks has gained extreme popularity in schools across India, South Africa, Kuwait, Singapore and UAE within a short span of time and employs more than 1700 personnel directly. Promoted by Mr. Atul Kulshrestha, more than 8000 schools in India and abroad are using Extramarks’ digital learning solutions. Extramarks provides end to end solutions for schools and students starting from school ERP to Smart Learn Classes, Test Centers and Home work help.

Intel® Education

For more than a decade, Intel has created and delivered successful education solutions around the world. By helping educators, school systems, and governments apply globally proven practices to meet their unique challenges, Intel has helped develop more confident, expert teachers and more engaged, higher-achieving students around the world. Intel® Education delivers a comprehensive approach to creating successful learning environments.  Intel technology solutions strive to help transform teaching and learning experiences that will help students succeed. Intel in India is committed to delivering innovative education solutions that are focused on improving the learning outcomes and advance the education segment by working with the industry and government in the country.