Extramarks Hai Toh Funda Clear Hai!

When your exam is near, does it feel like the whole family is preparing with you? Ask your parents to chill, kyunki, #Extramarks Hai Toh #FundaClearHai.

Watch the video to find out how we take the stress out of learning.

When children start opening up to the world, they are naturally curious learners. The look around their environments in awe and wonder and form meanings in their heads to the best of their ability. It is truly understood then, that a child’s brain is the most creative and flexible, capable of grasping the complex web of ideas and concepts that the world is.

The role of education, given the great ability of a child to understand complex concepts, is to facilitate and aid this natural curiosity and build on it. Unfortunately, unimaginative text-book content casts a shadow over this inherent skill in children and steers them towards the pit of rote learning. With the exception of some really skilled teachers, many are not able to inspire the joy of learning in the heart of a child.

So, what is the solution to this conundrum? Disruption. Through great learning content, backed by great technology, which in turn is backed by a solid understanding of child’s learning needs and styles.

There is a pressing need to de-complexify concepts which can seem daunting at first. Any and everything, if taught well, can stick permanently in the mind of a child. At Extramarks, we aim to make learning memory-friendly and simple. How do we do this? Well, in a couple of ways.

VISUALIZATION – Concepts which can seem enigmatic while being written in drab, long paragraphs in books, or when explained through functional, unimaginative diagrams, are made interesting through the apposite use of Audio-Visual inputs. We make a heart appear as an actually beating organ. Our graphs get drawn in front of the eyes of a child while giving context to each axes. Our learners see friction in operation when objects skid, slide and stop on their screen.

This visual tool is a great boon especially for the young learners. For them, we create a world full of colours and music, such that their brain gets fascinated and hence retains most of the knowledge contained in the learning material.

INNOVATION – Our concepts at an early age are storified and gamified. Isn’t that the best way to make a young one learn? Add a dash of music and splash of colours, and you will see a young student enjoy learning so much that they actually look forward to it.

Grow up a little more, and we layer learning for our students. This kind of learning builds on their previous knowledge, along with integrating real examples from their contexts. Example and applications are given aplenty – they are the correct way of reinforcement of concepts, rather than rote learning.

Our expert academics and technology innovators work with utter dedication to develop a world of learning which remains child friendly throughout.

VARIETY OF TOOLS – Mindmaps, flow-charts, interactive videos, quizzes, games, MCQs – you name a service, and we have it embedded in our three-pronged pedagogical approach of Learn-Practice-Test.

Once a concept is taught through rich graphics and visuals, we do not leave the hand of our student. We then guide them through flowcharts, questions and games which ensure that all the knowledge gained is firmly etched in their minds. We give students access to virtual labs where they can witness demos or even conduct experiments themselves. Our students can also visit sites of historical important with all the correct data points embedded in the tour.

When you witness it, and perform it – how can you ever forget it? We make learning experiential.

DATA BACKED PERSONALIZED GUIDANCE – Technology help us deliver knowledge, along with tracking how each child’s learning patterns are different. Once we understand these learning patterns, our intelligent algorithms are able to guide students to better learning outcomes. Our testing scheme is adaptive – it progresses with the progress in learnt abilities.

In short, any and every intervention required to make concepts absolutely clear in the minds of students are available with Extramarks. When your basics are clear, you will not need to memorize. When the pressure of memorization won’t be on you, stress and nervousness will be pushed out of the equation.

Do remember, Extramarks Hai Toh Funda Clear Hai!