Extramarks helps Student to Choose Area of Interest

blog 8Unlike olden times when career options were limited, nowadays, a multitude of career options are present for students to choose from. However, the wide variety of career options is often cited as the reason for confusing students or misleading them into wrong careers.

Career Aptitude Tests have become a common phenomenon that schools conduct to help students make this important decision in life. However, what many parents, schools and students fail to catch is the subtle marketing techniques of various institutes that conduct these Career Assessment Programs. It has become a common practice for coaching institutes to elusively misguide students to join the institute without really understanding their needs. Extramarks offers CAP test which is a comprehensive student testing scheme to gauge their interests and dispositions.

Career Assessment is very important in the current scenario as an ideal Career Assessment Program tests a candidate on various parameters and maps their abilities with the requirements for various careers. A good Career Aptitude Test is developed by expert psychologists and career counselors who have in-depth knowledge about present and emerging industries and the career prospects offered by each. An ideal Career Assessment Program should have a comprehensive testing of students on various facets of intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, tendencies etc.

Extramarks Career Assessment Program (CAP Test) is one such career guidance program specifically developed for school students from classes 9 to 12. CAP aids students in deciding the correct subject stream, course and career that would suit them best in accordance with their personality and abilities. It is a scientifically designed Career Assessment Program and approved program that helps class 10 students to decide a right stream and class 12 students to select right course and career. In CAP, the career aptitude test measures inherent aptitude and unique personality of students through a Psychometric Test.

CAP test consists of an online Personality Test, online Aptitude Test and online Career Preference Test. Extramarks believes that Personality plays a very vital role in candidates’ chance to succeed in a particular career. Aptitude is a person’s ability to perform different tasks naturally and enables Extramarks counselors to gauge what a person is good at. To make the results more accurate, the CAP test is followed by interaction with students to enable them identify the career fields in which they are interested and would like to pursue. Extramarks CAP (Career Assessment Program) maps the career fields to students’ choice, their personality, and aptitude. Accordingly, a list of career fields is suggested to the student.