Extramarks Turns Twelve!


The past year has gone by at an extremely fast, but satisfactory pace. It has been a year where Extramarks has grown in an unprecedented manner, both in terms of our reach and our zeal to innovate. All of this, of course, has been accomplished because of our steadfast vision, sharp focus and the unwavering commitment of all the members of the Extramarks family.

We made some exceptional leaps in the year 2018-19. We arrived at our new positioning- ‘Learning is Fun’ and launched a new campaign that reinstated this thought. We also introduced Extramarks Achieve – a one-of-its-kind program that dedicates a personal mentor to every child. It is an exclusive service to boost a child’s academic performance that would in turn help them achieve their academic goals and dreams. And that’s not all. We took some extra measures to ensure some extra fun and extra learning.

We got extra competitive 

We launched three new apps this year – the IIT-JEE Test Prep App, the CA Foundation Test Prep App, and the Bank PO & SSC Test Prep App. We knew how competitive the environment was getting. So, we decided to respond and develop apps which would help students turn their aspirations into reality.

We got extra interactive

To remain true to the vision of making learning fun, we revamped our website to make it extra fun and cheerful. We also introduced test prep courses for CA Foundation and IIT-JEE on our website, helping students far and wide get credible help for competitive exam preparation.

We got extra thoughtful

What’s learning if not put to test? We, therefore, decided to launch National Level Weekly Test Series on our apps to give students a feel of a real exam in simulated conditions.

Students now got a chance to put their knowledge to test at a National level. We also introduced a detailed intelligence backed performance report generation mechanism, which helped students understand their areas of gaps and strength, down to the chapter and topic level. In addition, it aided students in learning about their accuracy, time allocation and other factors critical in ensuring academic success.

Innovation at Extramarks is an ongoing process. The completion of 12 years of our existence fills us with zeal, and makes us reaffirm our vision – that to empower 21st century learners with educational support which stimulates their mind and leads them towards academic success.