Five Skills to Pursue this Summer

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A summer break is like a blessing in disguise. It comes with ample of time that allows you to indulge in things you love and care about, along with being mindful about balancing fun with study.

This summer break we urge you to add another item to your bucket list– to learn a new skill. Don’t worry, these activities are really fun and engaging to do. They will only push you to be better versions of yourselves.

  1. Play Your Own Beats

They say music can greatly affect your mood. So why not learn to play a musical instrument of your choice? Be it a guitar or keyboard, learning to play an instrument will enhance your comprehension skills and improve the coordination between your brain cells. Your brain will start processing and registering new sounds, thereby, developing a ‘neurophysiological distinction’ that enhances your retention power. Who would’ve thought our memory can benefit from learning to play music?

  1. Brush-Up Your Imagination

Nurturing your creativity won’t just make you a good artist but also help you achieve mental, social, and emotional stability. Creating works of art will increase your logical analysis and problem-solving abilities in innumerable ways. You’ll also learn to express yourselves better, which in turn will boost your self-confidence. Art, in short, has the power to give you a new vision to look at your surroundings.

  1. Warm-Up to Dance

There are hundreds of dance forms to choose from. You can pick any style you fancy and learn to groove to its beats. It will improve your motor skill coordination, circulate blood flow, reduce stress, and fight depression. It will also sharpen your memory and teach you how to multi-task. Dancing will, therefore, make your mind, body, and soul happier and healthier.

  1. Speak a New Tongue

A second language can really come in handy in the future. Being bilingual is an extremely valuable skill and appreciated in the professional world. It also boosts your attention span and increases self-discipline. You can pick any language of your liking and master it in this summer break. You can opt for certificate courses or download apps that will teach you a language of your choice in no time.

  1. Chase a New Sport

It is very essential to keep your body buzzing with energy and the best way to keep it active is by pursuing a sport. Engaging in physical activity will naturally increase the blood flow to your brain and activate endorphins in your body. These chemicals will impact your mood and work performance, driving you to be more focused. Playing a sport of your choice will, therefore, develop your cognitive faculties and you’ll start experiencing the difference in no time.

All the above activities are great skills to explore. They will help you do more, learn more, and most importantly, experiment more. Sometimes they will challenge your comfort zones and sometimes they will test your will. But most of all, they will teach you focus, determination, and dedication. And that’s what makes the difference!