Four Reasons why Extramarks

blog 10Education system, which comprises of an inevitable part of a human’s life today has various modes of its influence. It is not only through books that the process of learning works out today. Technology has taken things to such a level that online learning has also become a very efficient and fruitful way to acquire knowledge. Extramarks, a Delhi based company has taken this initiative to provide an excellent course to learners in order to learn, practice and excel in their studies. This e-learning portal is a paradigm to prove that technology has its share of positive effects to make the process of learning easier and more effective. But then, the question is why should we rely on an e-learning software when the traditional methods of learning are still strong and surviving? Well, we are going to have an answer exactly to that. How is Extramarks efficient and how does it make itself preferable to the traditional method of learning?

  1. The 360 degree approach

Extramarks strictly follows a rigid process, which is the 360 degree approach. Researchers and academician have found this procedure to be a very effective one and so it has been formally introduced in the e-learning platform. The three major steps of this procedure is learn, practice and then test. Any learner who follows these three simple steps ought to achieve and excel.

  1. Online mentoring

Being an online method, it does not lag in providing a mentor to the child. Learners starting from the primary classes to the higher studies, all are provided with the facility of inviting mentors over with whom they can consult and discuss any topic or subject they might find tough to tackle. So even if a teacher is physically not present with the student, Extramarks makes a bridge to bring them together.

  1. Schedule your studies

It often happens that a child loses track of time and messes up the study schedule owing to extra-curricular activities or other reasons. Extramarks resolves this issue by introducing the ‘scheduler’ that does not let any study related topic skip by and keeps the student updated about the same.

  1. Asses you progress

With the feature of online test available through Extramarks, a student knows about its drawbacks and advantages. He/she gets the opportunity to do better in any subject or topic he/she lags behind which finally helps in the development of the child.