Freedom Art Contest – Showcase

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Freedom has its own meaning which varies from individual to individual. For some it may reflect the freedom to choose an ice-cream flavour, while for some it may mean to be able to choose a government freely and fairly. Depending upon the outlook, lifestyle and socio-economic factors, our definitions of freedom are diverse. However, in diversity lies unity and what unites us all is that love for our motherland and the pride we feel at our collective heritage.
Few days back, we asked you what does freedom mean to you and received overwhelming response from students of all ages. We found many budding artists who showed us the might of their brushes. We wholeheartedly appreciate the love students have showered on us this Independence Day with their thought-provoking entries. Presented here are the top 10 winners of the Freedom Art Contest. Have a look at what poured out of the imagination of our lovely students!