From Novem to November!


2019 is wooshing past. It was only yesterday that we, at Extramarks, were wondering what New Year goodies to bring you in 2019, and lo and behold, 2020 is only 2 months away. While we are still busy planning the new year surprise for you, let’s focus on the month at hand – November.

How much do you know about this month? Of course, it is the 11th month of the year, consisting of a total of 30 days. Some important celebrations form a part of this month, and this is also when the winter chill starts settling in, in North India particularly – but really, what else?

Let’s visit a few facts about November together today!

  1. November was originally the 9th month of the year, in the Roman calendar. The word November, in fact, was derived from ‘Novem’, meaning nine. The places of the month shifted when January and February were added to the calendar, thus making November the 11th month of the year.
  2. A mood of somberness or sobriety is associated with November, traditionally associated with the start of winter, when a bit of serenity descends on the environment.
  3. Characteristics of November in the northern hemisphere match with May in the southern hemisphere.
  4. The month of November is called ‘marraskuu’ in Finland. It translates to ‘the month of the dead.’
  5. The ancient Saxons called this the ‘blood month’, because sacrificial rituals to appease Gods were conducted during November.
  6. A recent trend, associated with this month, which came to the spotlight was called ‘No Shave November’. While the trend was started in USA and Canada, it caught on over large parts of the world. The idea was to not shave the moustache and beard in order to raise awareness around cancer. In Australia, a similar movement was observed by growing on the moustache.
  7. The flower which represents the month is Chrysanthemum. This is the flower which symbolizes happiness and optimism.
  8. A number of important days are observed in this month, including – World Diabetes Day, International Evolution Day, International Tolerance Day, etc.
  9. Do you know which famous personalities were born in November? Bruce Lee, Mark Twain, Jonathan Swift, Anne Sexton and the first female Prime Minister of India – Indira Gandhi.
  10. #NaNoWriMo is another trend which becomes significant in November – it is the National Novel Writing Month for USA, but writers around the world use the opportunity to build discipline and showcase their work across global digital platforms.

We hope the month starts on a happy note for you and that learning goes on unabated. Have a great November!