Future of e-Learning for K-12 Students in India

shutterstock_506635930Gone are the days when textbooks and blackboards would gratify a student’s need for learning. Students generally get fascinated with rich multimedia that includes appealing visuals and audio. It is evident that Indian economy is heavily dependent on IT and Telecommunications and its impact can be seen all over, mostly in Education.

Educational websites come as a boon to India where urban rural divide is prevalent in India is still huge and a large majority of India still dwells in its villages. Through online education, 68% population living in rural areas can be easily reached. Educational websites have witnessed a continual growth that does not seem to abate in the coming decades.

The recent trend among the new entrants in e-learning domain that limits the paper and print version of education and replaces it with digital learning solutions has grown huge. One of the leaders in this domain is Extramarks.

Extramarks Education equips a school with special digital teaching aids devised by education experts for Classes K to XII, providing 3600 In-School and After School education support to make the teaching-learning process engaging and interesting.  Extramarks aims at bringing out the best of global technology to create a child centric teaching-learning environment in the classroom and at home.

Extramarks state of the art products ensure teaching techniques that are specifically model, scaffold, motivated, and help students to bridge what they learn to new contexts. This greatly enhances the likelihood that students will learn well and actively use what they learn.

Students are sure to enhance their learning and get motivated to explore concepts and theories.