Have you timed it right?

blog 21Have you timed it right?

SAT exam is not just about how much you know. It is also about how you strategize. It is a well known fact that the second time round, most of the test takers improve their scores. Maybe it has to do with handling jitters well or maybe it has to do with familiarity with the atmosphere of the exam or maybe it has to do with confidence. Take your pick. Fact is that if you strategize to your strengths, you will optimize your score. So know your pressure points well.

Research your colleges. Prioritize. Know the minimum required score through all of them. Keep enough time in your hands to re-attempt if you miss your ideal score. Moreover, knowing that this is not a do-or-wait-till-next-year situation will definitely ease your anxiety level. That is, if you are anxious about your performance!

So, basically, it is a win-win situation. If you are not the anxious type, then we don’t have to worry and you will have your perfect score in the first attempt itself! Let the applications process begin…..if not, well, we do have time, don’t we?!

Even if you believe that you are not ready for the exam, you need more practice, still, go ahead and attempt SAT once, with enough time for a second attempt. There are numerous online video tutorials to help you prepare. There are multitudes of free SAT diagnostic tests to make your journey easier. Practice your readiness on those. If not the ideal score, the SAT exam preparation will give you an idea about the exam, your handling of it and, more importantly, it will give you a reality check. So if not for the score, attempt the exam for the experience of it.