HEAVY SCHOOLBAGS: A SERIOUS THREAT TO STUDENTS’ HEALTHIn today’s date, kids are left with no option than to carry heavy backpacks to school. It is not at all uncommon to find students especially in high schools, carrying huge bags weighing up to 8 kg on their backs on a regular basis!

Pediatricians have observed that such heavy backpacks can automatically lead to strained backs and necks in growing children. Each year, millions of students carrying heavy bags on their shoulders are drawn down with the weight. It is not surprising then that children complain of back pain, neck sprain, etc.

Carrying very heavy backpacks can lead to musculoskeletal problems, especially if children carry the bag on one shoulder. To carry a heavy bag, the child has to lean forward and this leads to the development of a bad posture. The spine is a stack of bones called the vertebral column with the bones separated by a cartilage called the inter-vertebral disk and is held upright by the muscles and ligaments around it. The excess weight puts undue stress on the muscles, ligaments and disk, thus damaging them. The alignment of the column is also disturbed causing it to bend, mostly forward or sideways. In other words, a heavy bag puts the student’s health and physical development at risk which can hamper his/her overall growth.

In such a scenario, the inevitable question is – “Is there an effective solution that can deliver world-class learning to students without hampering their physical health?”

Yes! Digital education is the way forward. Digital education give students the freedom to carry all their study modules on a single device exempting them from the burden of carrying multiple textbooks. Apart from reducing the weight on a students’ shoulders, here are few other benefits that digital education delivers to a student:

  • Interactive medium: Digital education makes classroom teachings more fun and interactive. Students’ tend to be more attentive as they are not only listening but also viewing it on the screen which makes their learning more effective.
  • Attention to Specifics: Interactive online presentations and practical sessions in educational content through interactive screen, help students pay more attention to details which enable them to complete their activities on their own.
  • Learning at their own pace and space: Many a times, students hesitate to ask questions to a teacher in classroom. But with digital education, even if he/she does not understand anything at one go, he can attend the recorded sessions to clear the doubts.
  • User-friendly: Digital education is user-friendly, it helps you access your curriculum wherever you are. You can always learn on the go.

As a leading education solutions company known for ushering in a new era of learning, we help create a real-life education environment in classroom with One-On-One (O3) learning solution by Extramarks. O3 seamlessly integrates Extramarks Smart Class with device-based learning where every teacher and learner is equipped with a personal device. The learner devices synchronize with teacher’s device and interactive board in real-time, creating a collaborative learning environment. These devices are preloaded with the curriculum aligned multimedia modules to achieve desired learning outcomes in-line with the curriculum policy. This experiential and adaptive learning environment ensures education becomes engaging and personalized, and brings the best out of the learners.

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