How Sample Papers Help You Secure Good Marks in CBSE Board Exams 2021 | Extramarks Guide

The date sheet for board papers of classes 10 and 12 is already out and the board has released the CBSE latest sample papers but a lot of students may have questions regarding whether these sample papers really help or not, what are the benefits of these cbse sample question papers, and how do they help?

If you have these questions and more in your mind regarding the CBSE sample papers, then don’t worry. In this blog, we are here to guide you to understand the importance of sample papers so you can thoroughly practice well and score high marks in CBSE board exam with these tips and tricks.

Eradicate Examination Fear

Practicing CBSE sample papers helps you get an idea of the kind of questions that you will be asked in the exam which helps boost confidence level by acquainting the student with the question types. 

The sample papers are based on NCERT Solutions and is designed using the basis of the actual question paper format and CBSE study material and it helps in getting an overview of the paper pattern. This means, students get to know if they will be asked short or long answer type questions, marks distribution, frequently asked topics, etc.

With the help of sample papers, students get to practice better to prepare for the exam, they feel relieved of pressure and exam anxiety. 

Revise Better and Stronger

Even if you have covered your entire CBSE study material, how will you assess your preparation for every topic? You can evaluate your preparation with the help of sample papers which include questions asked from every topic in varied sections. Solve the maximum number of sample papers to practice each topic well.

Assess Your Question-Solving Speed and Accuracy

As students begin practicing sample papers and cbse study material, they improve their speed and with regular practice, their mistakes become lesser and they start getting answers accurately. When students cover all sections, topics, and varied questions which can be repetitive in exams, they end up spending lesser time on these questions in the exam and finish their paper before time which saves time sufficient time for cross-checking their answer sheets and check for wrong answers.

Helps You Get Acquainted with CBSE Pattern, Marking Scheme of Board Exams  

Sample Papers are designed as per the pattern of the board exams and based on the previous years’ cbse sample papers; they contain sufficient CBSE study material to help students prepare for the exam. With regular practice, students get acquainted with the CBSE pattern and marking scheme of the board with the help of sample papers. This helps them in getting acquainted well with the board paper marking scheme so there are no surprises when students sit down for the real deal.

Identify Your Weak Areas and Improve Before Exam 

When students practice CBSE sample papers, they get to know about their weak areas and get sufficient time to practice on their weaker aspects which further helps them in enhancing their preparation. Extramarks – The Learning App has plenty of unsolved sample papers and solved board exam papers (previous years’) which can be used to get comprehensive and robust reports and analytics that decipher which are the strength and gap areas of the student.

Helps in Preparation Analysis

The importance of sample papers is significant as they are prescribed by the board and have study material based on the most crucial topics from the course. 

Marking schemes helps students analyze their preparation for the papers, while they also come across repetitive topics and questions that were asked frequently in the past few years. Based on these, students can prepare well for the most frequently asked questions that carry high marks.

Besides, students should initially solve the sample papers and then check with the marking scheme or solutions to get a proper analysis of the paper. 

Helps You Prepare the Exam Writing Techniques

Practicing CBSE sample papers helps you build yourself for board exams as it assists you in preparing exam writing techniques. Normally, if students don’t attempt sample papers, they are surprised during the board exam time as they don’t know the nature and pattern of questions that will be asked from them in the exam. So, they are usually surprised when they haven’t already undertaken sample papers and mock tests.

But regularly practicing CBSE sample papers helps in preparing the exam writing technique especially for long answer type questions and MCQs. There is a false belief that MCQs are quick as they can be analytical that can take time to solve. So, regular practice helps students build their skills to answer not only MCQs but also long answer type questions that take more comprehension.

Best Way to Learn Time Management in Exam

Regularly practicing CBSE sample papers helps in managing time according to the exam pattern. There is limited time in the exam and during this time, students have to not only answer questions but also revisit answers to check accuracy which takes time. So, it is integral that students practice mock tests and sample papers beforehand to practice their time management skills so they are not inept at managing time during the exam.

Sometimes students end up allotting too much time to solving questions that they are not left with any time to revise their paper. This is the mistake students make when they don’t have sufficient practice at time management. But solving questions during exam prep through cbse latest sample papers prepares you to face time constraints during the exam and builds you according to the limited exam time during which you’d be able to solve questions and check your answers too.

Prepare for Your Exams with Extramarks CBSE Sample Papers

Extramarks – The Learning App has plenty of mock tests and sample papers along with solved board exam papers that can be used for learning purposes during exam prep. Students can effectively study using the sample papers and mock tests provided by Extramarks which will help in managing time, practicing questions of all types, and learning exam writing techniques.