How to Fall in Love with Mathematics


Mathematics is a universal language. It not only resides in numbers, but in the hum of music, in patterns of nature and almost everywhere else. The beauty of math is that its underlying principles remain the same and absolute, no matter where you apply them. Math is present everywhere and thus, is an integral part of our lives. The misfortune, however, is that despite containing so much expanse, beauty and richness, math remains a severely misunderstood subject.


How many times have you heard someone utter the sentence ‘I cannot do Maths’? Well, chances are, that you have said it, too! Many students often wish for some math magic to be bestowed upon them – even if just for the day of their final exams!


However, whether you’re scared of math or not, we assure you, math is a beautiful subject to dive deep into. The more it unravels its mysteries, the more rewarded you will feel.


It is never too late to overcome your Maths phobia. Want to know how? Let’s explore!


Give math a chance

Many times, we fail to understand the important problem and focus our energies on the wrong problem. For instance, you may develop a fixed mindset that you are just not meant for Math and start mugging up formulas to pass the exam, without ever trying to really understanding them. A positive attitude with regular practice will help you understand the subject. As Einstein once said, “It’s not that I’m so smart, just that I stay with problems longer.”


Play fun math games

Are you feeling bored in classes or struggling with math? Try playing games based on the subject. You will find loads of interactive quizzes and activities on Extramarks – The Learning App based on concepts of mathematics. These activities ensure higher learner participation and motivation. What makes such math games even more helpful is that they relieve your math phobia.


Math is more real than you think

The best part about math is that you can learn it by focusing on real-life circumstances. For instance, grocery shopping requires a broad range of mathematical knowledge, from addition to percentages and multiplication. Every time you calculate percentage discounts, the price per unit, the final price, etc., you are using math.


Visualising is the key

Maths is considered an abstract subject with no connection to the imagination. Yet, the opposite is true. Understanding complex math sums become easier when you visualise it and give it an form that you can relate to. 


Start Practicing

There’s no single road to unravel a math problem. By practicing, you’ll start understanding the concepts behind formulas and equations, and you will find a notable increase in your speed!


The biggest step in developing an interest in math is in believing that it is not a mere subject, but a way of thinking. Convince yourself that Math is indeed fun and important life skill that gives you a logical approach to problem-solving.