How to find time for sports and co-curricular activities

How to find time for sports and co-curricular activitiesEach academic year witnessed students’ side-stepping activities that did not fall under the core curriculum. Missing a debate, a skit rehearsal, an extempore competition, science workshops, exhibitions, school band etc., was alright, in the name of exams. Every individual student was taught to believe that grades had an upper hand over applied knowledge, blocking their intelligence and limiting them to mugging subjects. Today educational institutions tapping on the co-curricular activities is preparing each individual to succeed in the roles they would take up in future, given the competition the students are exposed to each day.

Mirroring the academic curriculum, Extramarks bridges the gap between today and the future of the students through interactive platforms and game-based practice modules. Coupling quality education and interesting modules, Extramarks acts as a tool for students of today to build their skills to meet the expectations of future prospective employers. Making an exception to the general academic trend today, 70% of the employers in the present day believe activities beyond school curriculum make students stand out from the crowd and in addition two-thirds are proven to progress more quickly in their careers. Decathlon – one of the largest sporting goods retailers, follows a unique process of recruiting its employees, standing true to its brand. Be prepared to do crunches, push-ups, running a mile or so to earn the job. Yes, you read it right. Such is the scenario of recruitment process out there today. Now, will that make you change your mind about the early morning cricket coaching class of your kid?

In the present day, the impulse to go beyond the four walls of training and books is already seen in schools. The core purpose of education, which got derailed in the course of defining the system is back in action. Today it stands for dreams, building of character and skills, and foster the overall development of students. No education is seen complete without traditional education supported by hands-on learning. We at Extramarks for the holistic development of the students provide omnidirectional education and experience. If you look at the pre-primary modules, it offers rhymes, story-telling and other concept-based activities inculcating knowledge that benefits their future. Complementing the traditional experience with active participation in co-curricular activities is the mantra of true success today. We help you attain it with our well-crafted modules for all classes. Virtual labs, mind games, think & share, little Einstein at work, etc. are few of the immersive learning techniques we follow at Extramarks. This gives them the opportunity to recognise their strengths and hone their weakness, exhibiting their academic abilities in an unconventional style.

Co-curriculum, a term that was perceived to have fallen outside the academic degree, left parents and kids brush off every opportunity to get closer to new knowledge and skill. Today we have no luxury to live behind the structured syllabus alone, for the world out there is asking for more. And that extra something is in the hands of parents and teachers to rightly hone the skills and help identify the hidden talent of students. After all, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, isn’t it?