Tips to Improve Speed and Accuracy in JEE

Tips to Improve Speed and Accuracy in JEE

How to solve JEE questions faster? How to increase speed and accuracy in JEE Main? These are the common questions that aspirants face when they are preparing for JEE Main. If you are preparing for the JEE Main, you know how important it is to solve problems correctly and quickly at the same time. For this, you must improve speed and accuracy in solving practice questions to attempt maximum questions and explore the entire question paper.

You may already be aware that many students struggle with these two aspects of the exam. In this blog, we will be sharing some tips to improve speed and accuracy in JEE to maximize your score.  

1. Write down all the important formulas and equations in a separate notebook!

JEE is all about Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. So, you can expect a lot of formulas and equations that you need to learn by heart. Know and understand the basics of each subject. There are ‘n’ number of formulas, and remembering each one at the tip of your fingers can be difficult. This is why you should maintain a separate notebook for them. This allows you to recall any formula while solving questions. It also makes you learn quickly as you don’t have to flip the pages of a book all the time if you forget the formula. The best part? It helps you during your revision time. Preparations should be done with a proper JEE Preparation timetable. 

2. Time yourself every time you take a test

Many students don’t realize how important it is to time themselves while attempting questions. You should be able to complete the JEE paper in three hours, so timing your speed will help you know where exactly you are at any given point of time during exam day. This will give you an idea about what pace should work for solving each section and which sections require more focus than others. So, always try to practice this technique before the actual exam!   

3. Do not rely on shortcuts

When you try to solve a question as quickly as possible, it is tempting to use shortcuts. However, this is not the right approach. You should always solve a problem the right way, even if it takes you more time. This is because shortcuts can sometimes lead to wrong results, and it affects your performance in both speed and accuracy. Moreover, using shortcuts also means that you are putting less effort into your preparation!

4. Practice smart guesswork 

Sometimes it is difficult to solve a question within the given time frame. In such cases, it is better not to waste your time and move on with smart guesses. A few questions can be solved easily by using common sense and if you get stuck at any point of solving them, go for an educated guess!

Guesswork doesn’t mean you don’t put your brain in that thought. You have to be very smart and quick with your guesswork. It is like playing a game of chess, where you make moves to counter the opponent’s moves and keep on guessing how they would react next!

Practice as many JEE mock tests as possible. It will help you understand what type of questions come in JEE Main and how long you should take for each section. Practising previous years’ papers is one of the important aspects that can improve your guesswork, and ultimately speed and accuracy due to time management during exams. Extramarks provides you unlimited practise questions with their detailed analysis.

5. Changing of answers should be avoided

Lastly, one of the common ways to increase speed is to avoid changing answers. It also lowers your accuracy as there can be more than one correct option for any given question!


Hence, follow these tips to increase speed and accuracy in JEE Main. And manage your time efficiently to maximize your score with high accuracy! As they say, “practice makes perfect.” But how does practise make you perfect? Because perfection is an ideal state which requires hard work towards its achievement. One has to put their heart into achieving something they want or desire.