How to make online classes interesting?

Ways to make online classes interesting for your students

Different ways to help you make online classes interesting for your students

A human being can’t cease to learn as learning is essential to their existence. It helps one develop critical thinking skills, find new ways of connecting with diverse cultures and be able to express oneself in daily routines and chores. While learning is not a chore, many educational institutions may be following an outdated way of teaching, there are ways of inculcating education with fun.

Why should learning be fun?

Most students think of school as something that they have to complete in life regardless of whether they enjoy it or not. Comparatively,

Mobile devices and laptops are so common these days that most of the students have access to them or have their devices. So, they scroll through social media or play games while there is a class in progress! So, in such cases, schools should try to reach out to the students where they are most active and start kids online learning activities.

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Impact of Pandemic on Learning

Since Covid 19 struck, schools, colleges haven’t opened and this has brought a positive change in the education system. Now, schools are trying to reach out to students in spaces where they are most active. Mobile devices which were earlier just a way of communicating and entertaining have now become an essential tool for disseminating education throughout the globe. India being a growing power saw a wave of e-learning for k12 students which hasn’t yet reached its full potential. It hasn’t reached its optimal potential even now during the pandemic when e-learning is most sought after. But schools are now open to providing fun and learn classes through electronic media and students are also keen on learning from the comfort of their home.

Learning made fun

E-learning during Covid 19 hasn’t only been about e-classes but fun and learn methods that have helped students practice, learn and test their knowledge without moving a finger. Apps like Extramarks – The Learning App has helped schools and students immensely by providing comprehensive learning solutions during the pandemic through its dedicated Go To School and School At Home initiative.

How you can make Learning fun?

A lot of teachers wonder how to make learning fun but here are some simple ways that will help you revolutionize your way of teaching:

Make Technology a Part of Your Lesson

For fun learning, make technology an essential part of your lesson and teaching routine. Consider providing gamified lessons and quizzes to help students practice. Also, focus on creating digital content or you may subscribe to a service that provides already created digital content.

Connect learning to real life

For fun learning, try to connect with your students through experiences, interests and devise activities that they would like to be part of. Connect learning to real-life experiences, help your students make learning authentic by exposing them to the real world.

Break Up Your Lessons

Indulge in fun and learn activities by breaking up the lessons into bite-sized modules and help your students learn well. Test their knowledge after each module but give them the bandwidth to cover the small size modules, one at a time.

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Give Your Students Choices       

Teachers and educators who ask how to make learning fun often forget that learning and teaching is a two-way road. It isn’t just about one person doing all the work as students’ needs should be paid attention to as well. It is best to give your students choices and help them learn at their own pace. Not rushing your students is the best decision you can make as an educator as long as there is no deadline. If there is a deadline, devise creative ways of completing the coursework through fun and learn methods. This way, students will pay attention for longer.

Incorporate Games

You can try incorporating fun and learn games in your learning sessions to help students stay engaged and practice more. Develop online quizzes and involve students in a group for practical projects so they have fun learning new things and practicing what they have already learned.

Create Group Time

Make groups of students and give them fun learning projects to work on together. This will foster teamwork and help them in coordinating and dividing responsibilities.

Be Open to Creativity

If you are wondering how to make virtual classes interesting then consider staying open to creativity. If you stay open to creativity, you will come up with more ideas and ways of keeping your students engaged. Look forward to listening from your students, get their feedback, understand their struggles, focus on solving their problems and you will have their attention.

Benefits of Online Learning with Extramarks

  1. Learning with Extramarks is flexible.


What are the fun activities that can be included in online classes?

If you are looking for some easy fun and learn activities that help you indulge in education with fun then look for apps like Lil One by Extramarks that have a plethora of activities like a music room, numbers, alphabet, rhymes, etc. Gamify the chapters that you are trying to teach the students like you can form a quiz sort of like what Extramarks – The Learning App does. You can reward students based on the results so their morale stays high.

How could science be taught in a fun, yet educative, way to under 5’s?

Students under the age of 5 are not taught science as a subject in schools. However, it is never too early to start building your child’s base and strengthen their basics. So, try fun learning and kids educational activities like gamification to help your child grasp science concepts. Parents can try at home simple (under supervision) experiments like removing oil from water, etc. and help young students learn through basic science activities. Exploration activities like going on a hike or a trek and observing nature will also help the students in developing a stronger base for science. The focus should be on building logical and analytical thinking skills so students ask questions later in life and develop a deeper understanding of the concepts.

What are some initiatives that online learning Apps are taking to make online education fun for kids? 

Little kids have a fleeting attention span so you need to make education highly engaging and simple for them to be able to relate to. Gamification and animation can help students learn a whole lot better without feeling bored. Well known cartoon characters like Chhota Bheem can boost learning ability of the child by keeping them engaged and imparting fun learning lessons.
Consider using an app that employs a variety of cartoons, animation and rhymes, music etc to teach children. Among the most famous ones is Lil One by Extramarks which focuses on teaching toddlers in a fun yet educational manner. The app has cartoon characters like Chhota Bheem, Chutki, Raju, Jaggu, Tun Tun Mousi, Kalia, etc. The app features the whole universe of Chhota Bheem thus keeping kids engaged.
The app also has unique Extramarks characters like Carol, Doughnut, Alex, and Sillyfoot. It further allows children to choose from a variety of fun learning avatars and offers a vast repository of interactive stories, music, games, rhymes, and much more. There are special features that allow parents to regulate and monitor the content that their toddlers access on the Lil One App so not only there is fun learning but also comprehensive regulation of the content that your child is accessing online.