How to prepare for JEE Main class 11th?

Tips to prepare for JEE Main Class 11th

Are you looking for JEE preparation from class 11th? You are on the right track! JEE Mains is a very popular and quite a difficult exam that decides the careers of many. If you want to prepare for JEE mains, then it is important to prepare from Class 11th itself. JEE Mains is the first step towards the road to IIT. It is an extremely competitive exam that demands a lot of preparation to excel in it! Hence, starting early gives you more time than if you prepare later on. A lot of people wait till their 12th standard to prepare for JEE mains which means they will need an extra year’s worth of study material (in addition to the two years). 

JEE Main is a tough exam for many reasons. It has been designed to assess candidates for JEE Advanced, which is one of the toughest engineering exams in the country. The competition from students from all over India is intense, and it takes a lot of hard work to prepare well for it. Thus, starting early is a good move as it gives you an idea of what you should expect during the exam. 

There are many tricks and tips that can be used for JEE preparation from class 11. Read on to learn how to prepare for IIT JEE in class 11. 

Tips to start JEE preparation from class 11

Creating a strong base for JEE Main is an extremely important step that ensures that students have the basic concepts down pat. This should be done right from Class 11th itself so as to prepare well for future years or exams such as IIT JEE, etc. The following are some tips to get started with your journey to crack JEE mains:

1. Make A Timetable 

Go through the syllabus and prepare a timetable for jee Exam preparation. Take mock tests and prepare your own test series

2. Don’t Skip Difficult Topics

Do not miss the topics that you find difficult, focus on chapters and concepts that you find difficult. 

3. Revise As Much As Possible

 JEE Mock tests and previous year Question papers can help track your performance on a daily basis and gives you a brief idea what type of questions would be asked during the exam. 

4. Analyse Your Preparation

Starting prep early will help you get a better idea of which direction your prep is going in. You will get longer to assess yourself and track your performance and mend your tactics if you are going wrong. 

5. Understand Concepts Instead Of Mugging Up

Instead of parroting concepts, students should focus on understanding the concepts well so they can apply the formulae and equations to solve questions. 

6. Identify Weak and Strong Areas 

Understand what your process is, find out what you weak and strong areas are and prepare accordingly. Extramarks helps you in getting a comprehensive profile of how you are preparing while giving you analytics regarding your weak and strong areas.  

7. Get Relevant Study Material

Extramarks offers an array of study material that is useful for students studying for JEE Main. There are a plethora of mock tests and practice papers from previous papers along with live classes that students can take to prepare. 


As we can see, JEE Main is definitely not an easy exam, and students must prepare well for it. The above-mentioned points will help you students properly so that they are ready to face the challenge head-on! However, it is important that you do not forget about their 12th board exams. They are as important as JEE mains preparation. So, you need to juggle between the two. So, make a plan and prepare well.