Innovative Techniques and Methods of E-learning

blog 16Technology has taken a predominant role in every sphere of life today. The generic means have been efficiently substituted by their digitized counterparts. Not only has technology turned the way the workforce operates in the professional spectrum, but also has had a significant influence in the personal lives as well. Like every other segment, the education system has also been hugely influenced by the likes of technology. The shift from traditional means of learning to technological means has a set of advantages associated to it. There are a lot of them which have sped up the learning process and facilitated convenient learning along with it. Some of them are as follows:

  • E- Learning saves a considerable amount of time by eliminating the need of attending regular classes.
  • It is cost efficient as it terminates the cost of transport and other institutional expenses.
  • It enables the students to learn at their own pace and convenience.
  • E-learning allows the students to accommodate their studying schedule according to their learning needs.
  • E-learning is advantageous as it enriches the students’ knowledge in computers.
  • It is flexible as compared to the traditional learning methods.
  • It provides instant feedback on the learner’s performance.

Owing to the above advantages, a large number of masses are getting inclined towards the E-learning methods gradually. Since its introduction and acceptance, e-learning has undergone a significant evolution. Numerous methods have been introduced in the course of time. A lot of new and innovative methods have been introduced that have brought about a notable change in the e-learning industry. These methods have enabled the learners to be more efficient and diligent. Let us take a look at some of the most innovative techniques in e-learning:

  • Instructional Videos – This is possibly the most widely accepted and applied means of e-learning. Such videos can be easily created and attached to your website or on any video sharing site, like YouTube, so as to make it available to people irrespective of their location.
  • Multimedia Presentations – Multimedia presentations in the form of slideshows appeal to practically all type of learners. These presentations contain auditory, visual and illustrational contents which cater to the needs of the learners by making the matter easier.
  • Educational Blogs – Blogs are articles written by various people, who include experts, on a variety of subjects. These blogs are vastly available on the internet. People can easily refer to these blogs to gather important information that they need.

These were some of the most innovative and accepted methods of e-learning. Extramarks Smart Study Packs provide solutions to various innovative e-learning approaches that include the above among others.