Interactive Methodology of E learning

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The method of interactive e –learning and its advantages

The process:

There are companies like Extramarks that prepare syllabus based modules for students that hold the interest of students more since they help the students interact through online programmes or tablets. They also make use of assessment tools that help the students in self evaluation.

  • Initially you might help your children by selecting a routine course of instructions for them along with a goal which is easily attainable. Post that, you can let your children have the freedom to study at their own pace through Extramarks Smart Study Packs, a unique user friendly system of e learning.
  • Each of the modules have a test system, which at the end of the lesson lets the students assess their learning so that they know how well prepared they are with the lesson. Moreover, the tests can be set with varying levels of difficulty, suitable for the capacity of each student.
  • Extramarks Smart Study Packs give you the opportunity to create Study groups with your own friends or from students with diverse backgrounds and interact with them.

The advantages of e learning

There are certain reasons that make interactive e learning more helpful than the traditional classroom teaching system.

  1. Since there can be different difficulty levels for tests, it is beneficial for students with different capacities of learning. Moreover, the evaluation process makes the students learn through correction of errors.Instead of taking notes in the class with pen and paper here a student can make notes and even refer to them later on.
  2. By giving the students an opportunity to form a group, it expands the horizon of learning. Interaction with fellow students can help them understand topics better and raise newer questions.
  3. The parents can also engage with their children’s learning by setting up schedules, and selecting the type of the tests that their children can take.
  4. The parents can track, monitor and supervise their children’s performance during the course of the curriculum.
  5. With e learning facilities at schools, the students need not carry heavy burdens of book on their shoulders to school every day.

Thus, the interactive methodology of the e learning system seems more conducive for educating young minds.