Is NCERT Enough For JEE Main Preparation

JEE mains is one of the toughest entrance exams. Every year many engineering aspirants buckle up for this exam with the hope of cracking it and making it into an eminent engineering college. NCERT books are widely preferred for building a solid foundation forJEE main preparation.

However, many students have this doubt that “Is NCERT enough for JEE main preparation?” Every other book is marketed as the best for getting a good score. However, NCERT books are the holy grail for most competitive exams in India, including JEE main preparation.

How Are NCERT Books Designed?

NCERT stands for National Council of Educational Research and Training. The council publishes books for standard education across the schools that come under the ambit of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). These books work as the building blocks for higher education and various entrance tests in the country.

Extensive research is put into designing these books from subject matter experts across the country. Moreover, the information is checked thoroughly before finalizing the matter, be it concepts, facts, or stories. The question- “ Is NCERT enough for JEE main preparation” has its answer in the holistic coverage in NCERT books.

Why Are NCERT Books Important?

A student goes through NCERT once, if not more, to understand basic concepts in detail. Along with practicing NCERT books at least thrice for JEE main preparation, students also need to practice practice papers regularly. Here are a few reasons why NCERT is important for JEE main preparation.

  • NCERT books are given in a structured manner that builds concepts.
  • The explanation is given in easy language.
  • NCERT books cover every concept of the JEE main preparation syllabus.
  • The solution is given in steps that bring clarity and build an approach to solving questions.
  • 80% of the JEE main preparation is directly or indirectly from NCERT books.

Is NCERT Enough For JEE Main Preparation For Chemistry?

NCERT forms the foundation of JEE Main preparation and it includes core concepts that you must understand thoroughly. But if you want to crack JEE mains, NCERT is not enough. You need to invest in specialized books for JEE Main preparation. When you enrol in online coaching classes like Extramarks, you will get comprehensive study materials. The online education platform offers NCERT solutions solved by expert faculties. You will also get required study materials and test papers to prepare for JEE. Additionally, live, interactive classes allow you to get your doubts clear in real-time and stay updated with the concepts. Merely reading through NCERT syllabus will not help  you crack JEE mains. When you are taught by expert faculty, you will easily cover the JEE syllabus in a timely manner. Additionally, with Extramarks you will get regular practice papers to solve, which will help you stay consistent with your studies.


NCERT books are important for building concrete concepts for JEE main preparation. However, it may not be enough on its own to crack the most challenging entrance exam. One should go through NCERT thoroughly for understanding the concepts and move onto other books or coaching material for practicing a diverse set of questions. This will ensure concept building with adequate question solving for JEE main preparation.