JEE Test Prep App – New and Enhanced!

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Extramarks is a hub of innovation, constantly trying to analyse the need of students and coming up with solutions which pave the way for effective and efficient studies. A massive change which knocked on the door of JEE aspirants is the fact that the exam, conducted by NTA, went digital. Extramarks stepped up to create a robust digital testing engine, which gave students a simulation of actual exam climate, thus helping them gain exam confidence. This testing platform was integrated into the JEE app, which several thousand students across the country are using and benefiting from.

Our JEE Test Prep App, recently, has undergone several more innovations. Extramarks has spent much time with actual students through Extramarks Smart Coaching Centres (EMSCC). The learning and validation received on ground was valuable for us to pour into our digital app as well. Here are a few key features from which students stand to benefit, given that only 2 months are left for this prestigious and tough exam. But hey, if you’re prepared well, no exam is tough enough to daunt you. Here is how we help!

  1. Extramarks Sessions
    We bring to our students live and recorded lectures by the top faculty and subject matter experts and stream it on our app. Every topic which is important for JEE prep is taught, presented and discussed, with the facility of engaging with our faculty during the live sessions. The best part? You don’t have to go to coachings in far flung areas – you can sit in the comfort of your home and go through basics of thermodynamics, or organic chemistry, or anything you need catching up on!
  2. Personalized Exam Strategy
    The JEE Test Prep App by Extramarks analyses your performance and then creates a micro-schedule based exam strategy which is custom built only for you. Planning your last minute is critical so as to make most of the time at your disposal, and we help precisely with that!
  3. Doubt Resolutions
    Doubts can derail your prep. So as to ensure that doesn’t happen, we have a built a doubt submission and resolution mechanism in the app. Students can request for a live doubt clearing session or they can submit their doubts which our mentors peruse and come up with suitable and satisfactory answers.
  4. Adaptive Testing Platform
    JEE has gone adaptive, as you all must know! Hence, it is only natural that our platform provide the chance for adaptive testing too. Extramarks, in fact, since the creation of JEE Test Prep App has has an adaptive testing feature, which increases the difficulty level of tests basis the progress of the learner.
  5. Offline Access
    You can also save videos for offline viewing or download notes made by subject experts so that your prep hits no roadblocks even in the absence of internet.
  6. Reports and Analytics
    And of course, whatever your performance on the app, we document and analyse it, and then create insights for you to learn from and improve your performance.

Not much time for the paper left now. Try out the app and take advantage of the 7 days free trial period. Brush up your concepts and practice as much as you can, and take Extramarks along on the journey to cracking your way through your favourite IIT!