Keep that Child Alive and Thriving!

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A child is a naturally curious being. They go around the world in wonder, apprehending things, forming ideas, giving names, and even interacting with the environment without fear. It won’t be wrong to say that childhood is a journey brimming with creativity and curiosity! The faculties, skills, conditioning and thoughts that are developed during this age, they stick on through life.

There are many things wonderful about childhood, which, whether you are 12, or 22, or 92, should be cherished and preserved. Wondering what? Let’s tell you!

  1. Curiosity
    Said above. For a child, the world is an amusement park! There is so much to touch, smell, see and even lick on occasions. There is so much to know. No road is dangerous enough, no mountain daunting enough. Preserving this curiosity is so important to going about life with a nurturing fascination!
  2. Freedom
    A child is free from the constructs of time, space and conditioning. She will make friends with everyone. He will dig his heels in mud. She will find worms to play with. He will whisper to flowers. Social conditionings do not matter to a toddler. He doesn’t understand caste and communal biases. She doesn’t understand gender binaries and roles. All are equal. All are fun. All are friends.
  3. Imagination
    It is earliest in life that kids plan the most unusual of careers. They want to be astronauts, scuba divers, truck drivers, dancers, actors, and what not. They colour outside the lines. They think flying is possible. They find oceans on bedsheets and stories in bathtubs. Nothing is silly. All is an occasion for joy.
  4. Sense of Adventure
    The child is not easily deterred from taking over even mountainous tasks. A lot of children, in fact, go about tasks with an unwavering persistence. They will fall down, get up, fall down again, and still manage to get up. They cry and try, and then try some more. The restless energies of their minds and bodies combined lead them on as fearless explorers of the known and the unknown.
  5. Sensitivity
    Children are more aware and sensitive than given credit for. Functioning on very basic instincts, they are able to recognize and address intense emotions around you. Growing up, in fact, it is at very early stage that many start showing responsiveness to emotional stimulus. They don’t shy away from giving a hug or boisterously laughing around happy people.

The world of children is truly wonderful. At Extramarks, we love opening up for ourselves the kind of fantasy, imagination, creativity and fascination that exists inside a child’s mind and then, we seek to serve, nurture and stimulate it. We are committed to building a truly child-centric world of learning, where unique needs and learning styles of each learner are given the centre-stage. We seek to be partners with all children, irrespective of where they come from, and what future they are travelling towards.

A Happy Children’s Day to all learners. Which means, a Happy Children’s Day to all of you – for we’re all nothing if not permanent learners on this journey of life!