Laugh More to Learn More

5th may

Laughter is a universal language. It connects people from different classes, cultures, and countries. It eradicates divide and unites people in a seamless bond of well-being. Yes, well-being. More than anything else, laughter enhances our sense of self, making us feel good. It uplifts a person’s mood and in turn boosts their confidence.

When you laugh, your body releases endorphins (your body’s natural happy hormones) and you feel happier and lighter. It also acts as a temporary pain-reliever and fights with your stress and anxiety. Interestingly enough, did you know that laughing also improves your learning process.

This World Laughter Day, let’s explore how laughing triggers all the neurons in our minds to enrich our academic performance.

1. Boosts Retention

According to psychologists, anything with the power to disrupt our expectations or take us by surprise, stirs our mind. It, therefore, transforms our mind into an active receiver that serves as a fecund ground for learning. To prove this point, let’s look at this science joke: A neutron walks into a shop and asks how much for a bar of chocolate. The shopkeeper replies, “For you, no charge.” (*A neutron is a subatomic particle with no electric charge.)

This science joke makes us laugh. It is no longer a boring fact to remember, simply proving the fact that if learning is fun, our retention of concepts goes up automatically. Now, you know another fun way to learn mind-numbing facts and principles.

2. Improves Focus

A full-throated, hearty laughter will increase your heart rate and intake of air. It will oxygenate your brain, keeping it attentive and focused. You will be on your toes constantly and, thereby, you’ll start recalling information better. For instance, when you study with your friends, it is a very positive environment. The learning that you will achieve here will be far greater if you learn from boring texts sitting alone in your room. Your mind will be focused on the topic at hand and you’ll grasp new topics faster.

3. Rouses Creativity

A good bout of laughter will reduce your inhibitions. It’ll make you look at people and situations from a different perspective. You will start accepting the reality and find ways to creatively work around it. Your creative faculties will take charge and no problem will seem bigger.

Laughter, is thus, no short of a medicine. It acts as a natural anti-depressant with no side effects. It makes you a better person and pushes you towards achieving new heights. It also gives you the confidence to speak your mind freely and a conviction to fight any situation at hand.