Learn from The Comfort of Your Home with Extramarks Live Classes


While the pandemic taught us how to handle a crisis, schools and educators across the world faced the problem regarding how to keep students’ education from getting affected. As traditional educators struggled, Extramarks came up with an innovative solution to bridge the gap between teachers and students through live classes.

Students stayed home to curb the spread of COVID 19, and to keep their education from being derailed, Extramarks kickstarted a new initiative School@Home under which it provides an array of services starting from live classes to worksheets and homework.

Live classes, in the time of Corona

For school students as well as NEET and JEE aspirants preparing through JEE and NEET Prep App by Extramarks, there are live classes available mapped to the latest CBSE, ICSE and NEET-JEE syllabus. The classes have been designed to simulate the classroom-like environment and are conducted by expert faculty.

Best faculty in the country

Extramarks has employed the best faculty in the country to provide live classes to students. The expert faculty has years of experience and has trained numerous toppers through the years. Extramarks faculty understand student psychology and employ such techniques that help the student in learning quickly and maintain engagement so the students’ minds don’t wander off in the middle of the class.

No need for costly tuitions

Live classes have eradicated the need for costly tuitions that otherwise took half the students’ day. Students would come back home from school, relax for a while, and then rush to tuitions only to come back at night when they would eventually just sleep. This left no time for recreational or relaxing activities or even revision.

Moreover, commuting to and from the tuition centers also took money but live classes, especially during the times for COVID 19, have helped students cut back on their expenditure as they don’t have to go anywhere to take the class. They can study from home and get an A-grade learning experience without needing to visit any heftily priced extra classes.

It is safe to conclude that the future of education is virtual and with initiatives like School@Home that prioritize easy learning at home through efficient ways, Extramarks is surely setting some benchmarks for educators across the world.