Learn with A Smile!


The importance of a pleasing, satisfying and deeply felt smile cannot be overstated, more so if you are a student trying to battle their way through a pile of text and syllabus. When dealt with a smile, the greatest of foes become friends. And learning ain’t a foe. It is a gateway to quality life, realization of aspirations and ambitions and achieving your career dreams. On this World Smile Day, let’s reiterate the many merits of smiling, some which may also benefit you in your course of learning.

1. Smiles relieve stress
A simple smile can act as the greatest stress buster. It reinforces a climate of calm and optimism all around, thus helping not just you, but also those around you. People bond over smiles. And even if on an odd day you don’t feel like it, making the effort to smile anyway can transform gloom into an air of vibrance!

2. Smiling enhances immunity
Smiling is the key to overall well-being. Thanks to the release of some neurotransmitters when you smile, your body feels more relaxed. And hence, guess what, it helps reduced hypertension and blood pressure too. Easy enough trick to follow!

3. If you are a teacher, smile more!
A teacher serves the role of a parent, guardian, elder, dependable figure in class. They are loco parentis to all the young people in their vicinity. A warm, embracing and welcome expression on your face is absolutely necessary! Smile and see your class turn into a haven of cheerful pursuit of learning.

4. Shared smiles lead to better team-work
None of us want to work or exist in grim situations, right? It taxes our brain and negatively affects our work. And what is the cheapest way to add light to life? Correct. A smile. Classmates or co-workers who are happier perform better in group-works, shouldering their individual responsibilities meticulously and with a sense of belonging.

5. Smiling opens the gates to optimism
And who, my friend, can survive without a dose of positivity in life? Smiling instills hope, a sense of things getting better, in the darkest of times. People with hope are capable of doing powerful things.
So, this World Smile Day, walk up to the mirror, smile at yourself, and see how that simple a thing can help you with your emotional, mental and as a consequence, physical well-being. And don’t limit this cheerful engagement with yourself and others to merely a day. Practice it each day, every day!