Lil One by Extramarks – Starring Chhota Bheem!

The universe of a little one is filled with imagination! It is stuffed with riveting colours and vocabulary so unique that the world has a tough time keeping up with it. A child is a naturally curious learner, and hence, it is important that we give them a climate in which they learn, grow and thrive – and not just receive information as deemed fit by their elders. Little ones need careful guidance, the kind where they can make meanings and patterns of their own. And to take care of exactly this learning need, we have created an exciting new app – Lil One by Extramarks!

This app is everything that a child needs in order to take their first steps towards learning. It is full of colours, songs, rhymes, stories, games and more – all designed to stoke the seeds of imagination, curiosity, creativity, expression and critical thinking in young minds. An absolutely dazzling feature of this app is the presence of CHHOTA BHEEM and friends – Chutki, Raju, Kalia, Jaggu, Indumati, Tun Tun Mousi, Dholu and Bholu. After amassing huge fan following among children of all ages, all these characters now enter the learning space with Extramarks to deliver lessons and to accompany kids on a fun filled learning journey.

Built on the concept of Tap-Learn-Play, Lil One by Extramarks uses the best of technology and pedagogy to engage, educate and entertain children below 7 years of age. This app is based upon deep research into early childhood learning needs. It prepares the child to achieve the essential developmental milestones required for a beginner, which include.

  • Cognitive and Memory Skills
  • Fine Motor and Sensory Skills
  • Language and Communication Skills
  • Numeracy Skills
  • Environment Skills
  • Creative and Problem Solving Skills
  • Social and Emotional Skills

Lil One by Extramarks has several unique features, which make learning a thrilling adventure for kids. Here are some key highlights.

  • Learning based on Chhota Bheem and other characters, including Chutki, Raju, Indumati, Jaggu, Kalia, Dholu-Bholu and Tun Tun Mousi.
  • Unique Extramarks characters like Alex, Carol, Sillyfoot and Doughnut.
  • A range of digital avatars for children to choose from.
  • Personalized learning journeys which hand-hold children through different learning domains.
  • A vast repository of animated videos, games, interactive stories, rhymes, chants, music, and more.
  • Episodic introduction to topics.
  • Gamified learning and practice modules.
  • Toy Room and reward scheme for achieving key milestones.
  • Exclusive Parents Zone through which parents can regulate, monitor and tack child’s engagement on the app.
  • Library Mode to see the content which the child is visiting over and over again.
  • Option to add upto 3 children within the same app.

Lil One by Extramarks is a completely safe and energising journey through early childhood exploration and learning. Now LIVE on Android, it can be downloaded here –