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Words. The more you know, the better you become. Be it as a writer or a communicator. Having a sound knowledge of how words work, just makes any task simple. Start by building your own vocabulary, dive deep into their world with a Thesaurus and minimize your ‘uh…’ and ‘err…’ moments.

We have identified a few ways to make the complex, difficult-to-understand, and went-over-the-head words, your true friend. With these tips and tricks coming your way, you won’t look so clueless when someone throws a heavy word at you.

#1. Spend Time Reading

Nothing can bring you closer to words the way reading does, literally. Being a voracious reader not only helps you become an intelligent and a well-rounded person, but also, adds to your vocabulary. So, start reading everything that you come across, whenever you are free. And with every book, blog, and post available online, you have access to some great content, right at your fingertips.

#2. Know the Roots

Interestingly, most of the English words are derived from their Latin and Greek words. Once you dig a little deeper into the origin of a word, you will be surprised to discover more words that belong to the same root or family. At the end of this simple exercise, you will have knowledge of more such words that could be formed easily by simply adding a suffix or a prefix.

#3. Add Meaning to your Life

Find your friends in a dictionary, because when you open a dictionary, you open a Pandora’s Box. A wonderland, where each word is a hero who has a unique story to tell; right from their origin to their modern-day chronicles. And most importantly, they never travel alone. They always come with a pack of friends calling themselves The Synonyms and adversaries, The Antonyms, to make things more fun. When you have a dictionary to refer to, don’t just skip or second guess a new word you come across. Simply, take its help.

#4. Make a Note/ Journal

Don’t trust your memory, especially when you have decided to learn new words every day to strengthen your vocabulary. Journaling will help you put your thoughts and ideas about new words in one place and simultaneously improve your writing skills. This regime will also ensure that the word remains etched in your memory for longer. The idea is not to make this a cumbersome task you would want to get rid-off. You can make a note of it in your journals, be it online or offline. The trick is to just start jotting them down. And yes, you can thank us later!

If you truly want to be a cut above your contemporaries, Extramarks urges you to take a leap and explore and expand your vocabulary.