Making Science FUN!

Blog 8 - The fun side of science

Do you often find yourselves at loggerheads with science? Is your mind wandering at such a Time and Speed that the Distance it has travelled can’t be measured at all? Does sitting in a science class makes your heart beat faster because you can’t differentiate what the right and left ventricles can do? Then you have something called the science-o-phobia. (Okay, we made that up.)

We, at Extramarks, are however here, to introduce you to the fun side of science. Our apps bring each concept alive so that everything from crystallisation to condensation becomes crystal clear. So come, let’s find out how studying with Extramarks can make even the most boring of topics full of fun and life.

“Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I may remember.

Involve me and I learn.”

Learn what you see

Can you forget anything you saw with your own eyes? No, right? That’s exactly why visual learning is very effective when it comes to memorising information. For instance, if you see a heart working in full flow – taking in oxygen-poor air and pumping out oxygen-rich air, chances are you’ll remember how it functions better. The Extramarks Interactive Learning App is designed to do just that. It gives you a 360° view of complex concepts so that you get a learning experience that you will never forget.

Learn without the rules

There’s no right time or place to study; it should happen whenever and wherever you want. Our chemistry labs are, therefore, available 24×7 for you. You can let your imagination run wild and experiment to your heart’s content (without the lab coat or glasses). It is completely safe and accurate and you’ll learn which chemicals can start a fire and which chemicals can dissolve metal. All you’ll need is a phone/tab and the Extramarks Science Experiment App.

Learn it live

The best learning happens when it’s done live. Only when you see and understand the difference between two variables, you understand what is right and wrong. For example, by using simulations, you’ll be able to record the difference in readings by changing the values of the variable resistor or the Rheostat. Even complex concepts will seem easy with Extramarks and physics, chemistry and biology will no longer pose a threat to your academic performance.

We hope, that by taking on Extramarks as your science companions, you are able to make better friends with Science! We have been continuously working to simplify difficult topics for you by creating easy-to-comprehend modules that are supported by quality AR/VR technology and rich animated content. Our only aim, therefore, is to make ‘learning’ synonymous to fun, and not fear. Happy learning to you!