Meet Alex!

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Extramarks has constantly re-imagined and re-invented the contours of learning. Innovation is our bread and butter, and we’re always on the look-out for making education fun and engaging. As our latest endeavor down the same path, we’ve lifted the curtains on Alex – the first ever studybot from the house of Extramarks!

Alex is not just any chat-assistant. Backed by state-of-the-art technology and AI, this intelligent study bot acts as a friendly guide, helpful companion and ultimate doubt-slayer for all study related doubts. Gone are the days when you had to wait to go to school to get help in solving a question. Alex, the 24X7 studybot is here to provide instant solutions to all your problems and doubts.

Where to meet him? On Extramarks – The Learning App, of course! This K-12 learning app just got way cooler. Let’s give you quick facts on Alex and help you understand how he eases the process of learning for all!

  1. Alex took birth as ALCS, or Artificial Learning Centric Studybot. We soon started calling him Alex and that endearing name stayed.
  2. Alex is an instant doubt-slayer. You want to know the definition of thermodynamics? You don’t understand photosynthesis? You need a quick trip down the historical events of 1857 – simple, #AskAlex!
  3. Guess what, you don’t even have to type out your doubts. You can simply click a picture of your doubt and Alex will find you an answer. Instantly.
  4. Not only academic doubts, if you don’t know your way around the app or need a general guide for tips and tricks to crack your exams in the best manner – Alex is here again.
  5. Alex accompanies you on your learning journeys. Rather, he is the force behind helping co-curate personalized learning journeys based on your academic goals and learning requirements. He will throw in tests and help you assess how well you’re progressing.

And in addition to all this, Alex is learning and growing each day. In only a few weeks from now, he might spring in some more surprises, which will help make learning an even richer and happier experience.

Alex is also happy to hear from all of you what you think about learning needs of the 21st century. He is, hence, going live on Twitter everyday, from 4 to 5 pm, to answer all potential queries about learning. Log in and engage. And have a happy time learning and chatting with Extramarks!