Mental Health in the Time of Corona

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The COVID-19 necessitated lockdown has lasted for a while. We’ve all stayed locked in, within the confines of our homes. Our children have not been able to go out and give their bodies the necessary rejuvenation it needs. Schools have precautionarily shut down, taking away much of the chance of seeing new faces and socializing, something that is imperative to the sound psychological health of our young ones. Why young ones, these times are trying for the adults too. But, for the purpose of this blog, we’ll keep our attention on the young ones.

Such a long time spent at a stretch at home can leave its impact – a part of which may be adverse too. Anxiety, mood-swings, crankiness can be more visible than they were earlier. And worst of all, our children may not find themselves in a position to share their heart out with adults at home. They may miss their friends and familiar out-of-home faces, including teachers, more than they can say. Lack of outdoor unstructured playtime leaves its negative impact on body health too, which also cumulatively affects mental health. Fear and loneliness may be natural and obvious fallouts of this situation too.

There is much, however, that we can keep in mind to ensure positive psychological health for our children in the time of Corona lockdown. Here are a few tips

  1. Physical Activity
    It is crucial to find time to indulge in some bit of physical exercising, both for children and adults. Experts recommend no less than 60 minutes of active time for children, and 30 minutes for adults. Wondering what can be done in confined space? A lot. Stretches. Exercises. Skipping. And don’t forget the age old wisdom of Yoga.
  2. Together Time
    Talk to your children. Keep them engaged in conversations and try to gauge if any negative thoughts have crept into their minds. Do activities together. Play board games. Cook together. Clean the house together. Nothing helps maintain positivity like the feeling of belonging and knowing you are not alone.
  3. Digital Communication with Loved Ones
    Use technology for staying connected. We, thankfully, exist in a time and age where out of sight is not out of mind. Our world extends to beyond the four walls of our home. Help your children connect to their friends, cousins, relatives – anyone, the sight of whose face can brighten up your little one’s day.
  4. Structured Learning
    Schools are shut, but that doesn’t mean learning should stop. Help your children learn in a time-tabled manner, such that all this time can be productively used progressing ahead and there are no deep schisms that develop in your child’s learning curve. We feel very strongly about learning, and hence, have made access to Extramarks – The Learning App free till 30th April. Download and study along with your children.
  5. Meal and Sleep Times
    Maintaining a proper lifestyle pattern is important. With a prolonged period of lockdown, hours melt into hours and one seems to lose control over a sense of time. What will help one stay organized in such a situation is doing fixed things at fixed time – sleeping and eating is most critical in this regard.
  6. Prepare for a New Day
    Going to school necessitated that your child woke up, bathed and got ready. This put her into the groove and mood for studying. The same should continue. Your children, and you, should make the effort to get ready in the morning, and give the new day the respect it deserves.

There is a long road to travel still, till this virus is a thing of the past and we no longer have to observe strict social distancing. Until then, follow the above steps and ensure happiness and health of your family.